10 Best Websites to Learn Online Programming for Beginners

best websites to learn online programming

In this technology era, learning programming is as important as learning other subjects. Coding skills help you to get better job and financial stability. Developing Websites, selling mobile apps, software’s can make you much richer than you imagine. Apart from that coding is fun, best way to help others making their day to day task much easier. Lately lots of people switched to technology sector after learning programming skills. There are several ways to learn programming online or offline . Today we are pointing out some best websites  to learn online  programming.

Here is list of Best Websites to Learn Online Programming

Code Academy: Code academy is Education Company in order to build best learning experience. No doubt Code academy is one of the best free resource to learn online programming. It provides courses on HTML&CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP. Approximately 24 million people are already learning “How to code” on Code Academy.

Code.org : It is non-profit organization dedicated in expanding the knowledge of computer science so that every student should learn computer science as they are leaning Physics, Chemistry and other subjects. There are several courses which you can attend and become master in Programming. It also provides links to programming  content available on other websites.

The Code Player :  The code player is awesome site to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. The best feature of this site is video style walk-through showing cool stuff being created from scratch which helps you to understand code in better way.

W3schools : W3schools is one of the largest web development site . Site provides tutorials of every web language with proper demonstration of example in separate code editor, in which you can tweak code and see results instantly . Apart from that this website provides Online  Certification  programs to get certified in any web development language.

Html5 Rocks : HTML5 rocks is a Google project. Tutorials are provided in the form of articles written by developers. It’s actually more of a resource for developers looking to put HTML5 to use today, including information on specific features and when to use them in your apps.

Khan Academy : Khan academy is a non –profit organization with the goal of changing education for the better by providing free world class education for anyone anywhere. In computing section you will find tutorials related to computer programming explained in details and proper manner.

Mozilla Developer Network:  This site teaches you how to create a website by putting together great collection of resources about HTML, CSS and JavaScript which help you to get started.

Learneroo : Learneroo believes programming can be learning by doing. This website basically focuses on Java and algorithms. It provides wide variety of example and complex hands on to learn coding extensively. Although some of the courses are paid here, but still it’s a great site to learn programming.

Programmr : It’s like your online code school, this site provides courses on almost every programming language with more than 100 + examples and exercise in every course. It’s a great place to start learning coding for beginners.

Develop PHP : It is good place to start with programming fundamentals, this site explains every topic separately and proper manner mostly focuses on HTML ,CSS, Javascript and PHP .

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