10 Google Chrome Extensions You Must Use

Google Chrome Extension

I have been using Google Chrome since many years still I could not find any other browsers better than Google Chrome. It is faster, secure and compatible with any kind of Extensions or App. Google chrome extensions or apps are easy to use and comes with a package of functionality.

Google Chrome has a tremendous extension library which enhances its functionality as well as make your day to day tasks simple.

What are Extensions?

Extension are software programs written in Web technology, languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. By adding them, you can increase the functionality of your browser.

For installing  extensions, check out How to Install Free Extension or App from Google Chrome Web Store

After installation, it appears as small icon mostly right side of the address bar or you can access them by navigating:

Click on Customize and Control Google Chrome icon (extreme right of the address bar) -> Tools -> Extensions

List of 10 Google Chrome Extensions

1. Google Dictionary

The Google dictionary gives you the definitions or meaning of words within the webpage itself. Either double click on a word or select that particular word, a pop-up comes up with definition of the word. I have already explained How to use Google Extension dictionary.

Downlaod Google Dictionary Extension.

2 . My Chrome Theme

Themes give a more personal touch to browsers and eye pleasing look. My Chrome Theme extension lets you create and share wonderful themes in just 2 minutes using your own images and design.

Download My Chrome Theme extension.

How to use My Chrome Theme  :-

  1. Open the My Chrome Theme, Upload a photograph to set the background image of your theme either from your PC or you capture one using a webcam. You can adjust your image to make it compatible with your browser window using “Adjust Position” option and you can add different shades to your image using “Image Effects” option.
  2. Fill color to your theme by clicking on  Google chrome extension brush image the icon.
  3. Enter name for your theme and its done.

Enjoy your customize google chrome theme.

3.  iReader

 Now a day, Web Pages are  full of ads and extensions which makes difficult to read articles or news publish on that page . The Google chrome web store provides an extension called order which  increases the readability of articles or stories in a single ordered page with a scrollable display  by removing ads, extension and layouts  from articles and stories.

Download iReader.

How to use iReader :-

  1. After installing iReader extension, when to come to webpage that is identified as an article by iReader extension, reader icon will appear on omnibox (the address bar).
  2. Click the icon to open article in iReader window.
  3. In order to close the article ,just click outside the iReader window  or click on iReader icon again

4 .  AdblockPlus

Web surfing is little bit annoying because of unwanted ads and  pop-up’s. These ads interrupt us to focus on relevant content of the web page.Google chrome provides an awesome extension to remove unwanted ads and pop-ups called Adblock plus .” AdBlock Plus “blocks all video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, pop-ups and  all unwanted prominent ads. It quickly  takes into effect, just after installing, Please remind while installing it will show a message saying that Adblock plus access your browsing history and data but Adblock plus never collects.It’s just a standard message so install it and enjoy Ads free browsing.

Download Adblock Plus extension.

5 .GoPhoto.it

Go Photo. it extension helps you to view images in high quality on websites like Facebook and Flickr without clicking over images. In order to use this  extension, just hover over an image and view it instantly in its full size.

Download GoPhoto.it.

After hovering over the image:

Google chrome extension image

6 .Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive extension helps you to save documents, images or Web page content all by right clicking and selecting the option “Save to Google Drive “. After the content is saved, Dialog box appears having an option to rename file or view the file in Google drive.

Download Save to Google Drive extension.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop helps you to access other computers or allow another user to access your computer secure over the internet. This extension is cross-platform, it means you can access computers running on different operating systems like Windows (XP and above), Mac (OS X10.6 and above) and  Linux users at any time  from chrome browser on virtually any device even chrome books. Note: To access other computers or let others use your computers, both parties should have installed Chrome Remote Desktop extension

Download Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

 8. Gmail Offline

Gmail offline app helps you to check mails, send mails, searched and archived without network access. Sent mails will be delivered as soon as chrome connects to the network as well as update your mailbox.

In order to start Gmail App, open new tab in browser, you will see Gmail App icon and offline Gmail will load (If not, click on the app’s icon in Bookmark Bar).

Google chrome extension image 1

Download Gmail Offline extension.

This is how Gmail Offline Looks:

Google chrome extension image 2

9 . Awesome New Tab Page

Improve your new tab page experience in Google chrome with a wide range of widgets, apps, search functionality  and customizability. For example widgets adds functionality to your new tab such as clock , you can search specific websites directly from your tab and may more.

Download Awesome New page tab extension

Here my new tab page looks like:

Google Chrome extension

 10. Ginger Page

Ginger Page is an awesome extension to improve your English. It corrects your grammar and spelling while typing in your favorite websites like Gmail, Facebook, Blogs Forums and many more. It highlights mistakes while typing, then you need to hover over the highlighted content to see the correct sentence structure or spelling.

Download Ginger Page Extension.

Check Out YouTube video on How to use Ginger Page :


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