22 Best Gmail Features You Should Know

Best Gmail Features 3

Gmail is best email service so far and it is getting better every day. Gmail is widely used for communication  and advertisement across the world . Google is connecting all it service to Gmail account so if you have Gmail account, you can access all other Google services.It has several powerful inbuilt features due to which you don’t need to install add-on or extension to boost its capability, but many people are not aware of these functionality so today we will put almost all inbuilt in functionality in front of you  which you can use to manage your mails and complete your daily tasks quickly.

Complete List of 22 Best Gmail Features

1. Delete or Turn Off Web History in your Gmail Account

If you login into your Gmail account and then firing search queries in Google or browsing websites, Gmail keeps tracks al lof it . If you want to delete browsing history or don’t want Gmail to capture your browsing history just turn them off  . In order to manage this ,type this URL http://google.com/history  in browser (make sure you already logged in your Gmail account).

2. Delete All Emails at Once

If you want to delete all emails  under a particular label or under a specific tab like primary ,  social or promotion . It might be chances that  you are using page by page deletion method and getting frustrated, but don’y worry Gmail can delete all emails at once just in few clicks . Check out below step by step guide to delete all mails at once.

Click here to delete all mails at once

3. Gmail  Attachment Reminder

While composing any new mail if you  have written a phrase like  “ I have attached files “  and hit send without actually attaching any files. Google will recognize it  and will pop up a message saying  “It seems like you forgot to attach , you wrote “I have attached “ in your message but there are no files attached .send anyway?”  .  That way Google can save you from any kind of embarrassment .

Warning Pop Up Screenshot

Best Gmail Features

4. No Significance of Dots in Gmail Id

Gmail does not differentiate Gmail id’s having dots, it means tech.mazic@gmail.com, techmazic@gmail.comtechma.zic@gmail.com or t.e.c.h.m.a.z.i.c@gmail.com  all are same for Gmail . If you send email to any version  of the above email  id ‘s, that email will go to all existing possible version  of email id’s having difference in number or positions of dots . This comes handy when you have to just sign up for newsletters or subscriptions on various websites you can use different version for your Gmail address by placing dots at different positions  in email id’s.

5. Add Multiple Accounts in Gmail

If you are web geek who loves to stick with web whole day, business person or blogger   then probably you might have more than one Gmail accounts . Gmail provides multiple sign-in facility to switch between different Gmail accounts in same browser without having to sign out and back in again. To add account simply click on profile picture in top right corner then you will get “ADD ACCOUNT’  option Click on it , it will open sign page in new tab. For more better understanding Click Here.

6. Automatically Reply When Out of Office  or On Vacation

 Many times it happens when we are out of office or on vacation we couldn’t get time to check our mails or don’t have access to internet .In this case Gmail comes with handy feature which  automatically reply to let people know you are not  available to respond right away. It will send reply to people who email you. It will not send respond to spam messages or  messages addressed to mailing list you subscribe. Check out below step by step guide to set up up Gmail automatic reply .

Click here to set up automatic reply in Gmail

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7. Forwarding Emails to Another Mail Account

Gmail provides this important features to forward your mails to another email accounts this is also a way to back up your emails so that in case if your Gmail account got hacked or someone accidentally wiped out all emails, at least you will have a back up of all mails on another account . Or Many people use different email for work and fall in the habit of checking only work email id ,so if they were using Gmail id earlier they might lose track of important mails that’s when this feature comes in handy. Check out below step by step guide to set up setting in Gmail to forward all mails or specific to another account ,remember  spam messages will not get forwarded .

Click here to configure Gmail setting to forward emails 

8. Back Up Your Emails

Internet is full of hackers who are continuously trying to prove themselves by breaching the security of popular website like Gmail Facebook ,Twitter . Emails contains lot of confidential and important details which you really don’t wanna lose it . Why don’t you take leverage of Gmail back up functionality  to take a back of every single email messages . Check out below step by step guide to set up setting in order to download every Gmail message to email client.

Click here to know how to backup your emails in Gmail 

If you don’t know how to configure mail protocols in email client like Outlook , Thunderbird etc then click on below link to learn configuration.

Steps to configure Email clients according to mail protocols you will use either POP3 or IMAP

9. Mark Important Mails Using Gmail Star Functionality

Gmail provides star system  so that you can manage your mails according to importance , like 1* ,2* and so on . By default if you check star it will appear in yellow color but  if you go to the Gear box > Settings > Stars (stay in general tab of settings) you can drag various color star to rate  1*, 2 *  to emails messages . when you save changes and go back to inbox then if you have assigned  red color to give 2* rating to any email , just click two times on star icon to that particular email  then  it will appear in red color . It will be useful for filtering out message suppose if you want  to filter red star messages in Gmail just type in search box has:red-star and it will show you all red star marked emails . Check out below step by step guide to set up star system in Gmail.

Click here to learn Gmail Star Feature

10. Convert Gmail Mails into PDF

Have you ever needed to print emails and attachments from Gmail only to find that you had to open each email one at a time in order to print it? Then if you want to save the attachments to Drive… that’s a process in its self!

What a pain and very time consuming.

Gmail Print All Pro is here to help you quickly export messages right to a Google Doc that you can print, save as a pdf, share with others, or store in a way that works for you. Built to be simple to use, all you do is add messages to a Gmail label and run Print All from your Chrome Web Apps screen. This will create a Document in Google Drive containing the content from your messages and you can even choose to have the attachments saved in the same folder.

 Each conversation thread gets a page of its own with the subject at the top, the number of messages in the thread and messages organized by the date.

It’s a paid extension but it’s worth its cost Click here to download the extension.

11. Manage Your Inbox efficiently by Creating Labels and Filters

Labels helps you to manage and organize your mails according to different category –work ,family ,to-do ,read later ,jokes or you can create your own category . Labels are better than folders because they do all works which folders do but with an added bonus – you can more than one label to a message. One more thing only you can see your labels ,if you mark them work or home the sender will know that what labels are you using .Check out below step by step guide to set up labels in Gmail.

Click here to learn how to use label in Gmail

Gmail filters are used to set rules for your account , using filters you can manage flow of incoming messages  by automatically performing  tasks on emails like labeling , archiving , deleting , add star or forward your mail , even keep it out of spam . even you can import and export filters using Gmail .Check out below step by step guide to set up filters in Gmail.

Click here to learn use of filters in Gmail

12. Archiving Mails in Gmail

If you archive any mails in Gmail , it will remove from your inbox but remain in Gmail so that you can access them later if you need . It is better to archive messages rather than put into trash because messages in trash gets deleted after 30 days. Check out How to archive or where you can find you archive messages.

13. Import Contacts from CSV to Gmail

Usually we all have large network of people  in office and interact with them through emails. People have hundreds of contact and  it is not possible to remember every one’s email id. To add contacts one by one in Gmail is also tedious task , wouldn’t it be better if we can upload hundreds of contact from CSV file to Gmail contact list. Gmail provides this facility to upload large number of contacts to Gmail contact list .and remember CSV file should be in format defined by Gmail. Check out below step by step guide to upload contacts from CSV  to Gmail.

14. Export Contact into Excel

If you want to upload Gmail contact in some other email accounts or even in another Gmail accounts, or you want list of contacts into CSV file in order to send someone or perform some tasks on contact list, Gmail  can always export contacts  into CSV  then  you can upload those contact into some other accounts using CSV file or use that CSV copy as a back up . Here Step by Step guide to Export Gmail Contacts into CSV.

15. Personal Level Indicators

Another cool features of Gmail to know whether the email sent to you or a group or to a mailing list by the help of arrows or personal level indicator which will appear next to your message in inbox . A single arrow (>) appears next to a message when it is sent to you, and a group of others. Double arrows (>>) indicate that a message is addressed only to you. Arrows won’t appear next to messages sent to a mailing list.

  • Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down to Personal Level Indicator section and click on show indicators and click on save changes . (If you don’t want to see personal level indicators just click on No Indicators and Save changes )
16. Desktop Notification

Gmail let you know when you get new email while you are busy with some other work by desktop notification .In order to learn how to enable it Click Here

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17. Learn Gmail with Shortcuts

Shortcuts are always time savior only if you know them , Gmail  comes with tons of shortcuts to save time of busiest people . You can perform all task with gmail shortcuts .Some shortcuts are already on and others you have to tun on . Here is Complete Guide to Learn Shortcuts in Gmail .

Keep Your Important Messages at Top of Inbox

Priority Inbox features helps you keep your important messages at op so that you can not lose track of them . It actually divides inbox into three section by default “important and unread , starred and everything else . Here is Complete Guide to Set Up Priority Inbox.

 18. See the Places From You have Logged In into Your Account

Gmail can track the places from which you have logged into your account and keep track of current session.It will tell you last 10 activities on account with IP address, browser information and date and time .It can give you option of sign out from all session at once . To see activity on your account ,  scroll down on your Gmail home page , Click on “Details” on bottom right corner.

After Login, go the bottom of Gmail home page and click on Details.

Best Gmail Features 1

19.  Gmail Labs

Gmail labs are addition features provided by gGoogle to enhance functionality of Gmail. You can enable labs by Click on Gear Icon -> Settings ->Labs and check Enable radio button against lab feature which you want to use.

Labs really increases functionality , we will recommend to use these common four labs.

Undo Send : If you accidentally sent a message , want to undo it enable Undo Send lab.It will Stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button.

Preview Pane : Provides a preview pane to read mail right next to your list of conversations, making mail reading faster and adding more context.

Google Maps Preview in Mails : Shows Google Map previews of all the addresses found in an email.

Google Calendar Gadget : Adds a box in the left column which shows your Google Calendar. See upcoming events, locations, and details.

Mark as Read Button : Tired of spending all that effort to click on the more actions menu every time you want to mark messages as read without reading them? Now just enable this lab and that is just a button click away!

 20. Auto Forwarding Certain Messages

If you manage multiple email accounts and you want certain incoming messages are to be delivered in other email accounts then just set up filter that include address you want forward from and to , mail then automatically goes to that account . Check out Step by Step Guide to Set up Auto Fowarding  Gmail

21. Setup a Signature in Gmail

Signature is something which we add at the bottom of mail with little information about ourselves  like name ,  contact no , primary email  id .You can add other social accounts so that people can found out on social platform also or you can let them know about business website or blog website by including link in signature . Here How You Set up Signature in Gmail Accounts

22. Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline helps you to access mails and compose new mails while you don’t have internet connection or  unreliable connections or slow .When users reconnect , Gmail automatically sends any outbound messages . Maximum synchronization period  for data is 30 days. Click Here to get detail description of this app functionality  and download link of Gmail Offline.

These were some best Gmail Features ,if you know others please share with us.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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