6 Habits of Millionaire Blogger – Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington

Internet is full of Bloggers but in reality handful of people managed to make blogging a million dollar business. A former lawyer turned entrepreneur Michael Arrington started TechCrunch back in 2005 never thought it would make him blogging phenomena.

TechCrunch generates $10 Million dollar revenue and 9.2 million hits per month. Its blog about Breaking stories of Silicon Valley start ups and Tech companies.

Here are 6 habits of Michael Arrington which makes him renowned blogger

Love to Break Stories:

Michael Arrington loves to break stories before anyone else in Technology Sector. Every morning after he wakes up first thing he does, is to check emails, messages for any breaking news. He gives rating like  +1 when TechCrunch breaks  a story  or -1 when someone else breaks a story and he always want to collect positive points.

Not a Morning Person:

Michael does not like to wake up in early morning, instead he likes to work late night till 3 or 4 am. In early days of TechCrunch he used to keep himself in his dark cave like room and spend day and night writing articles. He is still working on his sleep schedule and hardly sleeps 4 to 5 hours a day.

Build Trust and Respect Sources:

Michael says chasing down stories is his favorite job, for that you have to build trust with your sources.   He spends half of day talking to his sources over phone, text or Skype to make sure whether the story is genuine or not. He respects his sources and says they are his friend that’s why, when he calls his sources, he talks right to the point.

Love to throw Parties:

Michael Arrington loves to do parties, it helps to increase social circle and get to know sources .TechCrunch throws three big parties every year, five to six small events and few small parties.

Take Risks and Learn from Failure:

He likes to take risks in his life, TechCrunch is fifth venture which he accidentally started, and he had four businesses earlier that did not work out. He says failure taught me important lessons which I picked up from my earlier ventures and finally helped me to run TechCrunch.

Management is Important:

Michael Arrington is not really good at managing things; he is unorganized and just likes to write articles. But managing people and lead company in right directions is really important that’s why he hired intelligent people like CEO Heather Harde and co-editor Erick Schonfeld to manage the editorial team as well as company business end. He talks with team three times a week to make sure everyone on the same page, appreciate those who has done good job and point out if someone did mistake  to every one so that these mistakes will not happen again .

Read Before sleeps:

He always read mostly fiction books before go to bed even if it is only a few pages. His favorite book is catch-22.

TechCrunch has staff of 40 people today and continually expanding, Michael Arrington has also started Crunchbase . Its  a database to track start ups activity and can be accessed by everyone.

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