6 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins to Increase Productivity

WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

Social Sharing is must for any website to drive traffic to your blog , to let other people know about your amazing post content.  WordPress makes social sharing really easy with the use of plugin’s, just in one click  you can get word out about your content in front of millions of people on multiple social media platforms . isn’t that amazing ?

Today every WordPress social sharing plugins supports every social media platforms with many other free features but the problem is which one to chose out of thousand plugins , which social share plugins are giving better service in terms of driving traffic and  not reducing page loading speed.

There are so many parameter’s to consider while choosing best WordPress social sharing plugin. If you are newbie to blogging world and not able to decide which one to choose and then this guide will definitely help you. Don’t worry, I  have sorted out few social sharing plugins which are best at providing service.

List of 6 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugins
1. GetSocial.io

WordPress Social Sharing plugins GetSocial.io

GetSocial.io is awesome plugin to add social media buttons to your blog with other several free features. It helps you to increase traffic, sharing of blog content, followers on social media accounts like Twitter,  Facebook etc. I am also using the GetSocial.io plugin on my blog and till now I am really satisfied with plugin service.

This plugin comes with free version and paid version. If you are willing to spend some money then you can go for paid aversion as well, which will tremendously optimize your blog .

Following are the free version features of this plugin :

i) Horizontal Sharing Bar, Native Sharing Bar  and Floating Sharing Bar:

Social Sharing is important for blogger which increases traffic on your website by providing worldwide exposure to your content. This plugin provides three social bars, which you can place according to your need or WordPress theme structure. It supports almost all social media platforms which exist today with proper count of share display on each platform which when other users sees, they understand how viral your blog on social media.

ii) Welcome Bars

Welcome bars is being used to direct traffic to particular link where you can promote any product or offer any service. For example, you have insanely great e-book which you are offering to your customer, you can redirect them using welcome bar to your e-book download page and grab their email address and offer the product. This is one way to generate email list.

iii) Custom Facebook Shares

Many times we want to say more than simple “Like” while sharing the content , This feature helps you to share content with more than 50 custom messages like awesome , wish or love.

iv) Horizontal Follow Bar and Floating Follow Bar 

Increase followers for your brand with the help of Horizontal Follow and Vertical Follow bar. Reach out to more audience with this feature.

There are much more to explore in paid version which will help to get following additional  features:

  • Mobile Share Bar
  • Mobile Follow Bar
  • Image Sharing
  • Big Total Shares Horizontal & Floating
  • Subscribe Bar
  • Price Alert
  • Extended Customization (Shape, Color, Twitter handle in several apps)
  • Address Bar Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Social Sharing Analytics
  • MailChimp Integration

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2. SumoMe

WordPress Social Sharing plugins SumoMe

Sumo Me is one of the best plugin I have ever seen with countless number of free features. This plugin not  only help to spread your content as well as helps you to grow your website with email building , analyze your website statistics so that you get to know what area you need to improve .

Once you install this plugin you will be amazed seeing all ultimate features which requires to get website popular at one place.

Following are free great features you can use :

i) Email List Building

Convert your visitors into subscribers and increase your blog traffic insanely. It provides light pop–up box to get email address and integration with mailing services like Mailchimp , Aweber and many more.

ii) Share Button

So that visitors can share your content over the internet.

iii) Welcome Mat 

To redirect visitors to landing page to promote product or offer various  services.

iv) Google Analytics

Provide integration with Google Analytics to explore website statistics easily.

v) Smart Bar

This will appear at the top of the page or at bottom to encourage people to subscribe for newsletter or follow your brand on Twitter and Facebook.

vi) Asynchronous loading of plugin so that it will not effect page loading speed.

vii) Highlighter

Makes it easy to click to tweet about your artice by selecting popular parts of your writing.

viii) Image Sharer

Makes it super easy to share image linked to your content on pininterst Facebook and Twitter

You can dig out more features once you decide to use this plugin.

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3. Shareaholic

WordPress Social Sharing plugins Shareaholic

Shareaholic is packaged plugin, means all features at one place whether its sharing, email building, analytics, follow bar  and monetization of blog by content amplification or affiliate linking. All features you will get in this plugin.

Following are best  features of Shareaholic  which you can use to grow your blog  traffic and revenue

i) Content Promotion

Using this plugin you can promote high quality  sponsored content from third party advertisers on your blog  allows you to generate revenue from traffic drive to these posts.

ii) Affiliate Linking

This is an additional way to monetize your blog by driving traffic to e-commerce websites .  If the visitors makes a purchase of product by clicking on link from your website you will get commission for that sale …..Awesome isn’t it .

iii) Post Share Follow Buttons

Helps you to get more followers for your brand on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.

iv) Floating Share Buttons

To get word out of your terrific content and drive more traffic to you blog.

v) Shareable Images

Makes easy to share images from your blog post which linked to the post on Pinterest Facebook etc.

vi) Support 15+ languages

vii) Related content support for post keywords specified in the “All in One SEO Pack”, “WordPress SEO by Yoast”, “Add Meta Tags”, etc plugins.

vii) Mobile Optimized , 100% Customizable and comes with URL shortener as well.

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4. Floating Social Bar

Social Share buttons are must for any site so that their content reach out to millions of users  but at the same time rich wordpress social sharing plugins slow down your site significantly. This plugin has made by Syed Balkhi, Founder of WPBeginner website and Thomas Griffin, Founder of ThomasGriffin  website.

Best feature of this plugin is, it will not slow down your site speed, their floating share bar does not load social media scripts when page is loaded instead they show replica image with counts which allows your site to load quickly with social plugin . Plugin loads social media scripts when user hover the mouse over buttons .

This plugin is really simple to use, although it supports selected social media platforms  to keep plugin light. Also you can disable social media bar on specific posts  and pages.

It’s a good plugin if you are concerned about site speed/performance.

5. WP Socializer

WordPress Social Sharing plugins WP Socializer

WP Socializer provides cool features to include buttons in to post and side bar.  This plugin provides 108 social bookmarking ad sharing buttons.

Following are some best feature of this plugin :

i) Will allow you to insert all kinds of button in posts and pages.

ii) Floating Share Bar (Both vertical and horizontal with left and right side float support) and this features is optimized for mobile devices also

iii) Faster and optimized loading with smart load load which helps your pages to load as fast as possible

iv) Provide short codes for all buttons.

v) Widgets for inserting FB like box and Google Plus badge in side bar.

6 . Light Weight Social Icon

WordPress Social Sharing  plugins Light Weight Social Plugin

If you don’t want to compromise  with site speed , you don’t want other distraction for your visitors and looking for plugin which provides simple sharing buttons and easy to use , then you should go for Light weight social icons plugin . Its simple share buttons, light weight social icon widget which lets you display your favorite social profile icons. You can customize icon size by font, border, radius or color features.

Last thing to my readers ,

Let me know in comments which of the above plugins you are using in your website or what are the other good wordpress social sharing plugins available in WordPress repository.

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