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My name is Neeraj Kaple (@Neerajkaple), currently PeopleSoft Consultant based in Mumbai.

I am a simple guy, who likes to stick with his computer and scratch around web :)

Being an introvert, i mostly spend my  time to surf web and learn cool things. So i decided to share stuffs which i am  learning with others and founded TechMazic on 3 July, 2014 using WordPress.

TechMazic focus on  Chrome Extensions, SEO,  Marketing , Web 2.0, WordPress Guides and anything which i find interesting or trending.

This blog is my personal technology diary and continuously trying to make useful for others, so that they can get most out of it.

You can connect with me on Social Media Platforms:

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Facebook Page – TechMazic ( To get updates right in your facebook dashboard)


Thank You  !!!!


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