How to Add Favicon to Your Website

add favicon

Favicon (favorite icon) is small image, which represents your website over web. You can see Favicon in address bar next to URL or in tab-based browsers, it appears next to, page’s title on the tab. Favicon image has various sizes such as 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48. You can easily create it using either Photoshop or online websites like To add Favicon, you have to upload favicon.ico image in root directory of website.

Note :In order to work properly the extension of image should be .ico example – favicon.ico, although you can create or save image with other extensions like png, jpeg and gif but among all extensions .ico(recommended)  is supported by all browsers. 

In this image, you can see Favicons of different websites.

add favicon image 1

Steps to Add Favicon to Your Website

1 .  LogIn to your cPanel of website and click on file manager.

add favicon image 2

2.  Pop up will appear asking for directory selection, open root directory of your website.

add favicon image 3

3.  Image should be placed in folder where index.php or index.htm file is placed.

Go to public_html folder, first check for the presence of index.php or index.htm, if file is present then upload your favicon.ico image in this folder itself. Otherwise navigate to  folder where index.php or index.htm file of your website is placed and upload your Favicon image in that folder.

Here is screenshot of public_html folder of my website where I uploaded a favicon.ico image.

add favicon image 4

Note: Favicon will take hours to show up.

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