How to Easily Add Google Analytics to WordPress Blog

add google analytics

Google Analytics is free service provided by Google, it gives detail statistics on how visitors are interacting with your website. Knowing your audience better helps you optimize your site content ,appearance, topics in which they interested in  and no doubt boost in traffic also. There are several feature of Google Analytics but I am going to point out some important feature here such as :

  • Number of visitors visiting your website across globe.
  • From where visitors are coming  to your website.
  • Amount of time they are spending on your site.
  • Topics or Post they are reading the most.
  • Browsers they are using to surf your website.
  • Information about new visitor and returning visitors to your website.

Its clear now how important is Google Analytics for every blogger, it will take a less than a minute to add it in blog, so let’s add Google Analytics to your blog.

Steps to add Google Analytics to WordPress Blog

1 . Create a Google Analytic account or Your Gmail account also works . If you don’t have one Create One here.

2 . Once you log in , Click on Sign Up.

add google analytics image 1

3 . Click on Website tab , enter all the required details like Account Name , Website name , Website URL, Industry category and Region. After that click on “Get Tracking Id “.

add google analytics image 2

add google analytics image 3

4 . You will get tracking ID for your website like the one which i highlighted inside  red box ,copy your  tracking id.

add google analytics image 4

5 . Go go your WP-Admin panel and install Google Analytics by Yoast plugin .  After successful installation , Go to settings of plugin and you will screen like below one.

Note :If you don’t know how to install plugin check out this article Install Plugin.

 Now there are two ways to add tracking id to your blog ,either you can use Authenticate with your Google account option or you can manually enter tracking code .

In order to know how to use “Authenticate with your Google Account” option click here 

For manual placement of tracking code , make sure you checked “Manual enter your UA code” option and enter your tracking id in box and click save . Its done

add google analytics image 5

It may take Google up to 24 hours to provide your website statistics.
Photo credit: 30 Lines via photopin cc

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