32 Best Blogging Tools You Should Know

Best blogging tools

I was just wondering this week that as a part time blogger I usually take lot of time to write and craft an article so how can I reduce that time as well as not to downgrade the quality of content which I share with you. I browsed web for the tools which I can use to make quality content in less amount of time also ranks well in organic search . So I found out best blogging tools and wanted to share with you.

Every  blogger takes lot of time to create single post, it starts with research about particular topic then put all information with  your thoughts or views and then optimize the content for search engines by doing key word research, adding images, link building etc . So it does take time and effort to create a quality content but there are several tools available on web which saves your time and effort.

Let’s take a look at Best Blogging Tools as of Today


Keyword research is really important, Google analyze all your content to check validity of your content or keyword stuffing. This tools is best alternative to Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. This tool is free and generate upto 750 suggestions for every keyword. You can get keyword suggestions for Bing and Youtube also.

Keywordtool.io-best blogging tools

SEO Site Tools

Google Chrome extension which provides On-Page SEO metrics, social media info, PR / numbering on Yahoo and Bing and Google SERP.  Basically it helps you see any website SEO tags like title tag, meta description , meta keywords and image alt tag.

SEO Site tools- best blogging tools

SEO Book Tools

Keyword research is the crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. If you do keyword research in a right way means if you are capable of finding what people are really searching on internet then you will definitely hit the high rank in search engine and brings high amount of organic traffic to your website. SEO book provides free Firefox extensions and web based SEO tools which will help you in all possible ways like what is the ranking of your website, what is the keyword density, how many times keyword has been searched in search engines, page comparison with your competitors page and many more  . Information provided by these tools is gold mines if you know properly how to use them .

 SEO Book Tools- Best blogging tools


Soovle is an awesome keyword research tool, if you want to do keyword research for multiple sites like Google,  Bing , YouTube Amazon, ebay .Wikipedia all at one place and at the same time then Soovle can do it for you. box Just type in your keyword in search box, results will appear automatically for respective social networks. It shows most typed in keywords in various search engines depends upon what you have typed in search box.

 soovle-best blogging tools


This free keyword tool helps you to  get thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries. Use the keywords in your next blog post, or to optimize your PPC (Pay Per click )campaigns. Just type in your keyword , and it will give you tons of suggestion which you can use  for SEO  and after all using right keyword for your blog post is core key to improve organic traffic to your website .

ubersuggest- best blogging tools

Google Keyword Planner

Obviously !! we can’t forget Google Keyword planner to include in list ,like all Google product or services this is another masterpiece in keyword research tools. There are many features but if we talk general or on the surface it provides keyword ideas and traffic estimates to help build a social network campaign. This tool is free but to use it , you should have Google Adwords account . To access Keyword Planner, sign in to your AdWords account at Google Adwords. If you already have a Google Account, you can use that email address and password to sign in .Click the Tools drop-down menu and select “Keyword Planner.”

Following are the important features of Google Keyword Planner apart from search for keyword and get keyword ideas

Historical Statistics: Find out how many times people have searched for particular keyword or how much that  keyword is competitive in market.

Website Traffic Estimates : Find out how much traffic that keyword is driving to your website, like number of  clicks and impression for your keyword .

Google adword - best blogging tools

Learning how to use this tool properly will be worth for you .So here is complete guide on how to use Google keyword planner
 Anchor Text Over Optimization

This tool is used to identify your anchor text diversity and highlight those areas where you are at risk for anchor text over optimization. If you find that you are over optimized for specific keywords or keyword phrases, you should consider modifying the anchor text of specific links to focus more on your brand or remove links that are using that specific anchor text.

Anchor text over optimization-best blogging tools


This website helps you to find out copy of your content all over the web and prevent you from website scraping. It checks the originality of their new content, prevent duplicate content and  search for copies of existing content online .Basically this website is dedicated to protecting your valuable content online.

copyscape- best blogging tools

 SEO Tool to Optimize Title Tags and Meta Description

Title tag and meta description both played an important role in search engine ranking not much after Google updated their algorithms but still it is considered as crucial factor in ranking.This free SEO tool will help you optimize title tags and tweak meta description tags. Optimizing them is worth because  because the title and description tag is what shows up in the SERP.

SEO optimization- best blogging tools

Microsoft SEO Tool Kit

If you want to do complete SEO Audit of your website then you have come to right place .This SEO tool kit provides detailed analysis and search engine friendly suggestion, which helps to improve ranking in SERP’s.

 Microsoft SEO Toolkit- best blogging tools


SEMrush is paid tool but it offers enough information in its free option, which will be useful if you compile that data properly. After registering on website, you will get a free account that allows you to make 10 requests in SEMrush per day. With a free subscription, only 10 results per report will be displayed.

You will better understand all features if you try it by yourself because there might be some section of info which might be  important for you but not for others . So I always advice people to try out every tool by yourself to get most out of it.

 SEMrush- best blogging tools

Bing Keyword Research Tools

This tools shows keyword suggestion based on organic search . It shows keyword suggestions from last 6 months of data. Keyword suggestions can be generated in several languages and countries/region , so that you can optimize keyword according to your region. To use Bing keyword research tools you just need to sign in of if you don’t have account create one here.

bing keyword research- best blogging tools

Moz  Keyword difficult and SERP analysis tool

This tool retrieve top 10 ranking for any keyword, then assign difficulty score to keyword depends upon the results retrieved from that keyword . It tells how difficult is to rank for a specific keyword and whether or not you should target it. Apart from that it shows search volume data for your keywords, competitive keyword analysis metric of moz helps you identify the areas where you can beat your competitors in search market. It gives you 30 day free trial then you have to opt for plans and it will definitely worth it.

Moz -best blogging tools

Link Building Tools

Links from other website is one of most important factor Google considered while ranking any website  . High quality links drives lots of traffic and lent authority to your website.

Similar Web

Want to get detail analysis of your or competitors website , just type in website name and SimilarWeb will fetch all data related to social , traffic ,organic keyword , referral sites etc. By getting data , you can analyze your audiednce and improve your content or write about those in which audience is interested.

similar web- best blogging tools


Buzzsuma helps you to find out which content are performing best for particular topic or competitor, then try to write better content than that and drive more traffic to your blog.

Buzzsumo- best blogging tools

Open Site Explorer

This tool is really easy to use, just type in your website name for which you would like to get linking profile  information This tool quickly examine Domain Authority, Page Authority, Just Discovered Links, Established Links, Facebook shares/likes, tweets, and Google +1s – all specific to the URL you typed in. Also it provides detail link  information and this information is broken up into eight sections: Inbound Links, Just Discovered Links, Top Pages, Linking Domains, Anchor Text, Compare Link Metrics, Link Opportunities and Advanced Reports. This tool is not free.

 open site explorer- best blogging tools

Ahrefs Site Explorer

This tool is used to monitor and analyze backlinks to your website . Since then they have expanded  their services into a complete website analysis toolset that includes tool for backlink & on-page SEO analysis, tool for online brand mentions tracking, and domain comparison tool for competitor analysis, etc. Ahrefs now is known as a suite of tools that contains “the largest index of live back link.

ahref site explorer- best  blogging tools

Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics will scan your website and give you information about content got shared and promoted on social media . You can run this on your competitors website, find out the articles which got most shared and write about it on your blog better than that to increase traffic on your blog .

Social Crawlytics - Best Bloging tools


Topsy is awesome website, you enter search term like “Best Blogging Tools “ then you will get  posts have lots of link to them. You can filter the results depending upon the number of days. Check out the best posts out of them and try to find out people who are linking to content, again write better content than that and let those people know about your content may be they will link you too.

Topsy- Best Blogging Tools

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO has been known as largest link indexed database helps to find how websites are link to each other on web. This tool designed by keeping people thinking like who are SEO professional, media analysis , entrepreneurs and developers.


Site Explorer : It will let you explore domain/URL in great detail.

Backlink History Checker : It determine backlinks for given domain /subdomain which helps SEO professional to optimize websites to get quality backlinks and improve traffic and page rank in Google search results

Search Explorer: Do keyword research to find out which keywords are dominating for your post and try to optimize your post according to that so that it ranks better in organic search . It shows keyword in page title and URL where it appears  as well as getting the search score for URL.

 majestic seo - best blogging tools

 Image Tools
Image SEO Tool

This tools helps you to optimize images as per Search Engines. It checks whether alt tag is proper or not , it follows Google search engine guideline or not , image dimension. This way you can find quickly which images are need to be fixed , sooner or later it will help to rank better in SERP’s.

 image seo- best blogging tools


Images are crucial part of every blog post, Canva helps you to create images in short amount of time so that you can focus on creativity. Anyone can create wonderful images with the help of Canva you don’t need to be professional. Just pick up the image, start customizing it by adding text, changing colors and adding more images etc. Many companies paid to create infographics, but Canva helps you to create infographics as well.

Canva- Best Blogging tools


Piktochart helps you to create wonderful infographics, build an infographic gets you a lot of backlinks . It gives you various option to select different template, and customize it according to your suit .

Piktochart- Best blogging tools

If you don’t know how to get free high resolution images for your blog check out these below articles ……

Free High Resolution Images 
Search Free Images on Web 


Social Media Sharing Tools

Whenever you update your blog , ping-o-matic helps you to ping different search engines and  let them know about your updated content. ping-o-matic pings more than 15 service at once , so that you don’t have to go and ping one by one. Also they regularly update the listed service , to make sure you ping the important ones only.

Ping-o-matic-best blogging tools


AddThis is simple to use plugin with great simple look and customizable features. You can promote your content on more than 330 of most popular social networking and bookmarking sites and get real time analytics of your content on social web. It also support address bar sharing in modern browser and URL shortner. Go to addthis.com , you will find Following tools , conversion tools and content recommendation tools .

 Addthis-best blogging tools


Over 3 million downloads, addtoany is popular social sharing plugin. Apart from popular social networking website it supports over 100 sharing and social bookmarking sites. Important features of this plguin are custom placement , analytics integration , wordpress optimized and  mobile optimized.

 addtoany-best blogging tools


Shareholic makes easy to share your content around the web. Thousands of website trusts Shareholic to spread a word out of  their content.

This award winning social sharing plugin comes with many features like :-

  • Full support for Facebook , Twitter, Pininterest , Google Plus etc .
  • Support for Google Analytics and Google URL Shortners
  • Support to show sharing counters for Facebook, Twitter , Pin-Interest, Google plus , Buffer etc
  • Support to show related posts
  • Follow buttons helps you to grow more followers Facebook , Twitter ,Instagram etc.
  • Support for social analytics means it gives you insights into your popular pages on website, who are making referrals and spreading your website on internet etc.
  • Easy to customize .
shareaholic-best blogging platforms
Social Media Feather

It’s a light weight social media sharing plugin, developers kept load times minimum for this plugin so that social sharing don’t get interfere with those users who just want to read content but not interested in sharing it. Sharing on popular platforms like Facebook, Tumblr , Twitter etc it also supports email feature.

social media feather-best blogging tools


Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once.  Application helps you to schedule  posts for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin from anywhere in the world. It provides way to analyze how your posts is performing on social media.

buffer-best blogging tools

Digg Digg

Digg Digg is one of the best social sharing plugin. It allows you to share on several social media like  such as Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Digg, LinkedIn, Google +1, Reddit, dZone, TweetMeme, Topsy, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us, Sphinn, Designbump, WebBlend, BlogEngage, Serpd, Pinterest, Pocket and Tumblr. It eliminates the need to install any other plugin for social networking sites, it displays all social websites to share content as a button in floating vertical bar, horizontal bar or in static manner .

digg digg- best blogiing tools

 Speed Checker Tools
  1. Google Page Insight
  2. Webpage Test
  3. Pingdom Website Speed Test
  4. Website Optimization
  5. Yslow Browser Extension

In order to get detail information about website optimization , read this detail post  5 Things You Should to Improve Website Speed .

Other Blogging Tools
Google Snippet Preview

This tool shows you how your website or articles will look in search engine results .By seeing preview  You can optimize and give a better look to your website or article titles and  improve descriptions. So that if title is catchy chances to read article by user will increase by 10 percent.

Google snippet- best blogging tools

 XML Sitemap Inspector

XML sitemap helps search engines to crawl your website pages properly and indexed them.  This tools will validate your XML site map and if errors come it will fix them and ping all search engines.

sitemap- best blogging tools


It is the best commenting platform, which turn comments into community. Comments will no longer be burden for you, they will become an important asset to increase traffic and make money from your blog. Readers mostly spend time to read comments and usually take part in active conversations, this way amount of time they are spending on your website increases. Increasingly, advertisers want to target more engaged users. Disqus users are more likely to share, spend more than 156% time on site and view 56% more pages than the average site visitor. The important thing is Disqus is absolutely free of cost, easy to work with any website and you can easily import all your existing comments.

disqus-best blogging tools

Which is your favorite blogging tool?

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Neeraj Kaple is a software engineer based in Mumbai. He writes about softwares, blogging tools, internet marketing and how-to guides. He is the founder of Techmazic.com.

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  1. I think, social buttons like AddThis and Shareholics slow down the page loading speed. The AddThis is too much heavy. I have not tried the share feather. Currently using ShareHolics but still not satisfied with its related posts widget as it lack customization.
    Ping-O-Matic and Canva are really great tools.
    I will surely try the other. Most of them are SEO tools but too much SEO is bad. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by . Yes it is true social buttons like Addthis and shareholics slow down the page because whenever we installs them they added their JavaScript files which impacts loading speed but on the bright side they give too many option to share on different platform which will increase social exposure.

  2. I think for bloggers these day time management is also a bit of concern. I think bloggers should have a look at proofhub to manage their time and projects.

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