Learn SEO and Link Building : List of Best Resources

Learn SEO and Link Building

If you are new in blogging world, you might find difficulty in driving traffic to your website. Every Blogger spends lots of time in creating single post so definitely he wants that large number of audience should read his posts. But Visitors do not come to website over-night you have to keep patience and practice a particular set of activities regularly like write informational articles which will solve people problems, engage in interactive conversation on similar blogs,  implement strategies to increase backlinks to your blog  etc.

Large number of traffic comes from search engines so you should focus on optimizing website in such a way that it ranks higher in organic search. There are two things you should learn SEO and Link building techniques.  Once you learn these strategies you will be  able to drive more traffic to your website . Today we will tell you some of the best resources to learn SEO and Link Building around the web, before that we will see -What is SEO and link building ?

What is SEO ?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is process of leveraging or optimizing your website to drive traffic through organic (UN-Paid) or natural search results. Obviously if your page ranks high in search results more visitors will come to your website. SEO involves many parameter to work upon , such as words limit in post, use of images, backlinks to your website,  internal links in posts, meta tag description , post URL should be SEO friendly . Do not worry right now, in the beginning even I did know how to do those things but once you go through these resources, implement those strategies I am sure you will be able to call yourself SEO expert :).

What is Link Building?

Link Building is practice which aimed at increasing number of quality inbound links to page. It is one of the most important SEO techniques to which  search engines gives more weight in order to determine popularity of pages, trust, spam identification and authorship of pages while ranking any website, so if you want to drive more traffic then you have to separately focus on link building strategies. Again don’t worry, these guides which we are going to mention will help you to become  a backlink expert.

Learn SEO and Link Building : List of Best Resources

Best Resources to Learn SEO

Moz -The Beginner Guide to SEO

Ultimate guide to learn SEO for beginners . Moz  “The Beginner Guide to SEO” has been read over 1 Million times, this guide provides detail  information which you need to become SEO  expert.

Quicksprout –The Advanced Guide to SEO

If you have read Moz beginner guide to SEO and want to learn SEO in depths then you should read  Neil PateL’s  “The Advanced Guide to SEO” infographic. This guide will take bloggers, business owners or affiliate marketers success to their next level. There are dozens of SEO strategies are included in this SEO tutorial which will improve organic search traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Guide

This guide is provided by Google for SEO beginners to drive traffic through organic search. Initially this guide was launched for teams within Google but later they made this SEO tutorial public .

21 Actionable SEO Techniques That Actually Works 

There are several SEO techniques in the market but how to find out which SEO techniques will give maximum results. Brian Dean has simplified this task and explains the best SEO strategies that actually works and boost organic traffic.

Kissmetrics- A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

SEO training focuses on basics which any one can learn in short span of time and if you practice only these fundamentals it will definitely boost traffic of your website .

There are several others posts related to SEO which will be helpful to you once you learn the SEO basics. To check out these posts Click Here 

Buffer’s -The Complete Beginner Guide to SEO

It covers the following topics in details what SEO is, how it works, what factors affect search and what sorts of changes you can make today to improve your search. optimization.

Hongkiat- Beginners’s Guide to SEO

It tries to cover all possible practices which needs to be done in order to improve SEO. This guide is divided in three parts, in first part they talk about General Approach and Research, in second part they discuss about On-Site SEO and in third Off-Site SEO.

Click here to read Part 1

Click here to read Part 2

Click here to read Part 3

Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO

It explains the ranking factors in more depth, in a tutorial providing SEO tips and advice on implementing them.

Best Resources to Learn Link Building

Moz -Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

This guide will take you through the journey of seven chapters starting with what is link building , types , strategies ,metrics  up to link building tips and tricks. I recommend every blogger should read this guide once even if you are not interested in SEO , because  you will learn how web link channels we can use to drive traffic and make our website more visible to world.

Quick Sprout – The Advanced Guide to Link Building

Once you go through the Moz beginners guide to link building and want to master the art of link building in depth then you should read Neil Patel the advanced guide to link building infographic. This link building course helps, If your site was hit by Panda or Penguin and you need a primer on contemporary link building. If you’re fed up with hearing about press releases and social bookmarks, then this guide is for you. If you’re looking for exact sources where you can score back-links today, then you’ll love this guide.

Backlinko- Link Building Guide

Another great infographic tutorial on link building. This guide covers from content marketing , black hat techniques, guest posting , email outreach to  Google penguin. Read this course and become link building expert.

There are several posts which tells you tips and tricks to improve link building in best possible way, I found these three following article really helpful in order to learn fundamentals of link building quickly.

Hobo Internet Marketing – Free Link Building Tips

In this article, Shaun Anderson gives answers to basic to advanced link building questions which you might have in your mind.

SEO Book -101 Ways to Build Link Popularity

Aaaron wall of SEO book explains 101 ways to get backlinks. He categorized the ways to build backlinks in different domains such as through  News and Syndication, Directories and Social Bookmarkings, Local and Business Links , Easy Free links , Link Trading and many more.

Point Blank SEO – The Complete List of Link Building Tactics

Jon Cooper covers all possible aspects of link building . You can filter out the link building tactics based on how much time you have to build backlinks, what kind of backlinks you want high value links , moderate value links or low value and based on dependency on others sources like Finance, Marketing, HR, Development, Content and many more.

17 Untapped Backlinks Sources

Brian Dean has written a masterpiece by revealing untapped sources to maximize backlinks.

The Broken Link Building Bible

Find out broken links on the web, recreate that content and ask webmasters to replace broken link content with your created content. Broken link tactic is effective white hat technique to rank in search results.

Educational Link Bait

Learn strategies to get backlinks from educational website / .edu domains. Google treats educational sites high and getting backlink from educational website results in higher ranking in SERP.

Ultimate Guide to Link Building: How to Build Backlinks, Authority and Credibility for Your Website, and Increase Click Traffic and Search Ranking (Ultimate Series)

Covers variety of link building tools, tactics, techniques illustrated by case studies, expert interviews, and resources . Eric Ward leaves no opportunity unexplored and teaches the techniques which will maximize quality links points to their website.

White Hat Link Building : The Zen Master Guide

Techniques suggested on white hat link building from link building experts like Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean,  Ann Smarty , Ali Luke,  David Faltz and more.

9 Easy Ways to Build Links  

Jason Acidre shares useful 9 link building strategies which will help your website to stand out in this competitive market.

43 Experts Share Their Most Actionable Link Building Tips  

Get link building tips from industry link building experts like Chris Dyson, Gregory Ciotti, Jason Acidre , Peter Attia, Rand Fishkin and more.

Link Building Strategies That Work Right Now

In depth guide on effective link building tactics written by Matthew Barby.

6 Quick Win Strategies To Kick Off Any Link Building Campaign

There are several link building techniques which one we start with, well Emma Still helps you to sort out quick link building techniques you should start with if you are newbiee in link building campaign.

Link Building For Big Name Brands  

Teresa Lopez explains useful techniques which will help you if you are struggling to gain backlinks for big brands.

The Link Opportunities Beyond Bloggers

James agate discuss untapped sources to get backlinks such as using Press, Professional Organizations, Events and more.

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  1. Love these resources!!! SEO is so important and link building is still a very important component of SEO, no matter what anyone says!!! Thanks so much for sharing these reputable and well known resources and websites all in one post!!!

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