Best Websites : List of 170+ Useful Websites On Internet

Best Websites

Internet is full of millions of websites and lots of useful information available on just one click,  this idea always fascinates me

But how do you find out most useful websites on internet?

Well !! I can make this task simple for you………

I have prepared a list of best websites available on internet, which will either give you some useful information or help you to complete important tasks.

You can directly click on following links to browse best websites in your areas of interest.


Let’s dive in and take a look at 170+ Best Websites On Internet


Flavors me helps you to create your own website in a minute to share your social experience i.e. photos, videos, content etc and websites will be ads free.


Instapaper helps you to save articles, videos or whatever may come across while browsing . Whatever you save you can read anywhere and anytime on any devices like android, iphone kindle or tablet. With the help of instapaper you can highlight the test in any article.

Just Delete Me  

Justdeleteme will help you to “Delete” your account from the major social network and web service in just one click.


Find out guides to make anything from Robot arm to square foot gardening. People share their creation on this website so that other interested people will learn.

Which book

It is best website to choose books to read. Just select the book, then you will get to options either you can buy it from Amazon or borrow it free.


Read terms of service of any website in much more simpler way. TOS-DR summarizes the terms of service of any website and shows us their bullet points.


If you are tired of creating accounts to use any website service, just check once at BugMeNot whether the credentials are shared for login for that particular  website. It will save you from doing any signups.


Mailinator is an easy way to create an email address for temporary purpose. Any email address you can think of will be available at Mailinator ( Inbox will be created whenever the mail arrives at particular email address. You cannot send email address, you can only receive, all mails get deleted after several hours.

Google Maps

Google maps is desktop and mobile mapping service which helps you to find local business with directions by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation . You can also embed Google maps in to your website. Google maps satellite images are not updated in real time, but Google adds data to primary database on a regular basis.

Tax Act

Tax act helps you to fill your taxes using web based App or software version at the end of the fiscal year for US. It provides free service for federal taxes.

Norton Web Safe

Check the authenticity of any website before visiting it.  We all know internet is huge and full of virus, phishing and spyware, there are lots of websites which tries to steal your password ,credit card details or installed viruses on your PC which will cause damage to your computer and also steal valuable information from website. Norton safe web will tell you whether a particular website is safe to visit or not.

Old Version

Most people does not afford to upgrade computers so may be new versions of software will not be compatible with their computer, that’s why old version provides old software versions which will be compatible with your PC and able to use software functionality uninterrupted.


Zillow is the real estate consulting site which helps you to find out homes for sale or rent among 110 Million homes in US.

Spring Me

Spring me is an easy way to connect with people through questions and answers. You can post your personal question and get back answers to know what people think about it or give your opinion to some else question.

Join Me helps you to share your screen to anyone in the world over the web and make your meetings easier. It gives you other features like connect with everyone on call, presenter swap and recording.

Download all your favorite software at once in just one click. Ninite lets you choose the software you want at once and then just click on “Get Installer” , it will install all your selected apps or upgrade to new version if it’s already available. It downloads software from their official website.


If you are addicted to any website and accessing it more frequently use keepmeout web based app this app will give you warning if you access website more than the number which you mentioned in app in a certain period . It helps you to cut down on your visits.


Faxzero helps to Send faxes for free anywhere in US and Canada.

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Wakerupper is a telephone reminder service that aims to make telephone alerts as simple as possible. Just enter the phone number, set the time when you want to be called and 100-character optional message. Wakerupper gives you call at the time you specified and leave you a message.


I think this website is really great !!. We usually do not know more than 5 websites about a particular domain like shopping, social media or entertainment. But similarsites will help you to find similar websites which you are looking for. It is one of the most useful website on the internet.

No Phone Trees

Get the number of any company customer care where directly you can talk to real person instead of following the instruction of machine.


Manage your passwords with the help of Passpack. It is highly secure password management service, which built on AES-256 encryption and ensures that never reveal your sensitive data, even if sites gets hacked your passwords will be safe.


Best place to find jobs, get to know about any company through photos and review’s. It also provides salary reports and interview review for companies spread across all over the world. Unlike other job portal, Glassdoor collected all information from those who know a company best means employees.

Google Web Fonts

A collection of good web fonts which can be used in every way you want like personally or commercially. Free to share or customize for yourself as well.


Boxoh tracks your shipment and locate shipments on map where they are. It is universal shipment tracking website, which supports USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL/ Airborne packages.

Download free thousands of infographic templates which you can customize and share your ideas online.


Another social sharing platform, share and discover the hottest links on the web. You can save all links, which you find useful over internet, and later you can use them. Its best way for blogger to spread content and reach out to large number of people.

Google Hangout

Bring conversation into life, hangout with your friends from anywhere free from anywhere in the world. I guess this  is one of the best websites over the web.

Charity Navigator

It is an easy way to find out, which is the best charity in using its support efficiently, to execute all plans set by them, best practices etc. It helps you to make intelligent decision of donating money so that your money will be used for the benefit of others.


MailVU is an easy way to send videos mails to anyone using webcam .Video messaging will be private and website will not share your videos with anyone even it is not searchable on Google also. There are different plans available according to business or personal needs. Free service also available, which helps you to send video messages up to 10 minutes of recording.

Zebra Keys

Zebra keys provide free 50 online tutorials to learn piano. Lessons are animated so that you can see and hear songs as well as play along with it . Lesson are designed for ages 13 and up.

Determine which fonts are being in images. Just upload the image and it will tell you the font name that is being used in an image.


A new search engine which is not tracking your activities on internet and promise you to give better search experience.

Disposable Web Page

Create temporary web page and fill up with your content. Web page will be existing for given time period and will be vanished after that automatically.


Ewhois is useful source to find out other websites which belongs to same owner. Ewhois determines belongingness among websites to same owner by matching their server IP address, Google ad sense code, Google analytic code and whois email address.

Internet is huge and leaving your email address in forums pages, twitter or on any website cause your inbox full of spam emails. Use free service, which will convert your email address into a link which you can share with anyone. Person click on that link and it will reveal your email address after simple test, which automated scripts or bots cannot pass.

Magic Auto Fill

Book you Tatkal tickets with lightening speed using Magic Auto fill web app. This is just for Indian Railways.

Just fill all passenger details in reservation form and click on “ I am feeling lucky“ button, then drag Magic auto fill button to the bookmarks tool bar of your browser.  Go to Indian Railway website , While booking tickets, click on Magic Auto fill button in your bookmarks toolbar to fill passenger details in reservation form in one click .


It is a web based app which helps you to check whether a particular website offline or not.

Justin Guitar

Justin guitar claim to have best Guitar lessons over the internet and best thing is that  they are all free . So go get your guitar and rock the world !!!.


Free email reminder that will not let you forget any important task. In order to use Followupthen, just compose an email and put {time}  in the  “CC” , “BCC” or “TO” fields of your email . Each placeholder plays a different role:

If you keep an email address in “Bcc”- You will receive followup regarding the email, but they will not bother recipient.

If you keep an email address in “Cc” – Schedule and reminder for you and the recipient.

If you keep an email, address in “To”- Send an email to future self.

Following are the examples which helps you to understand how to create @followupthen email id .

“This email is sitting in my inbox but I don’t need it for 2 weeks “(Forward it to: , then archive the message ).

“I have to response to this email “(Forward it to or Keep in Bcc

“I need to call someone while I am in the car “(Email 10am-sms@followupthen .com with the phone number in subject)

Icon Finder

Icon finder has large collection of beautiful icons that can be used by creative designers, developers, advertisement creator and other professionals. Icons are not available free but icon finder has over 3400000-premium icons collections, which are worth of spending money.

10 Minute Mail

Create temporary email addresses that will expire after 10 minutes. Until 10 minutes, you can use this email address as you use any normal email address.


Feedmyinbox gives you all posts information of your subscribed RSS feed in an email . You can set the frequency as well how often do you want updates from your subscribed RSS Feed.


If you want to delete your social media accounts forever, then Accountkiller can help you out . It gives direct link and instruction to delete your account forever.

How Old  

Find out the age of any person by uploading their image.

This to That

If you want to find out what is the best way to glue one material to another like ceramic over rubber, rubber over  plastic  etc . Thistothat provide all information depends upon the strength area size or toxic intensity.

Swap Books

It is an easy way to swap books with other people online. Post books which you would like to swap, interested people will request you for book and you will have to mail them. In return, you may pick from 4108750 available books .You pay the postage for the books you send out, the books you receive come to you postage paid.


Pipl is an search engine to find people across whole world. It provides information of people on various factors like social profiles , education , contact , demographic , images/media and profession.


This website is a mash up of best internet websites like reddit , digg , delicious, lifehacker, wikihow, stumbleupon, googlenews , technorati and many more . It shows all top stories from different sites and refreshes in every 15 minutes.

PC Part Picker

If you want to build your PC on your own then you have come to right place. PC part picket lets you choose PC part and give you compatibility and pricing guidelines. They Update parts prices from dozens of most popular online retailers.

Find Icons

Find Icons is an icon search engine that helps you to find icons. They claim to have largest database icon with better search filtering which will give you exact results respective to your search query. As soon as you get results of your search term, you can filter them by Size, License Icons and other filtering options.

Google tool to create short URL’s . You can also track number of clicks and referrals for your shorten URL in real time.

Speed Test

Find your internet download and upload speed.

RSS Feed Search Engine

RSS feed search engine

Network Tools

Access all network related website from using network tools .

Dead Man’s Switch

Its kind of “electronic will” which will send emails to intended recipients after your death.

I Want My Name

Find out your favorite domain name is available to purchase or not .If not, website will help you to find extension of favorite domain which can be purchased. Offers domain registration and DNS hosting as well.


Freecycle serves as a platform where network of people are giving away their stuff for free in their own town . It is made up of 5252 groups and 8,771,817 people across the world . Each local group has been monitored by local volunteers.


It is web-based tool which helps you find out classifieds in your area. It fetches the search results together from different sites like craigslist , ebay and amazon so that you can easily find out what exactly you are looking for.

Violin Online

A really good website to learn to play violin .This website teaches violin for all ages, so if you just bought a violin and don’t know how to play , this website will help you to get through.


Tiny chat is an easy way to do  online video chatting with your friends . Create your own chat room in fraction of seconds.  Just create the room and they will give you URL which you need to share with people whom you to join in.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy helps visitors to post and view recent gasoline prices.

Easy Icon

Easy icon has collection of over 564961 icons . Just search the name of the icon you want and this will show you all icons related to your search term. It provides icons in different sizes and in different format. Make sure you read terms and conditions of usage of downloaded icons.

Bing Image Search

Bing Image search gives you numerous to filter out images like license, color , layout size , People , date etc. As well as it will suggest the related search terms which will help you find exact image which you are looking for .

Flight Stats

Check any flight status in the world. You can search status by flight details, by Airport and by flight route.

Every Time Zone

Gives you better understanding of different time zone at once.  No need to tangle with time zone math again.


Visit seatguru before booking any flight tickets to consult about  seats and basic amenities in an airplane for smooth journey.

Good Reads

Good Reads is like social media for readers. Large collections of books are available and interact with others readers to get book recommendations as well.

Dry Icons

Dry icons provides free download of over 5000 icons and 1700 vectors which they have created over the period of six years. The best thing of this website is every single icon or vector is created by their own designers. These icons and vectors are free to use, but to be on safe side you should read license under which you can use them commercially.

Scribble Maps

Create your own custom Google Maps, Widgets and Images for free and share with your friends or publish them on your website /blog. Mostly used by students, government and even military.


Find out the full URL behind any short link .



NPTEL(National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning)  is one of the best websites which provides free web and video courses in all branches of engineering, science and humanities. Quality of education/ tutorials is good.


It is an easy way to get answers of any questions related to internet and computers. This question and answer forum is free to use and community solves your questions.

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Stack Overflow

Sometimes it is best to learn programming by question and answers. Stack over flow is Q&A forum for professional and enthusiast programmers. Most of the solutions of programming issues you will find on stack overflow. It uses simple process, anybody can ask question, anyone can answer and best answer will get up and rise to the top. It is most useful website in education industry.


Cousera provides best online courses for free in any domain like Music, Sociology, Programming and many more. It is associated with many top universities and organization to offer courses.


Learn any language for free using Duolingo.

Khan Academy

Its most useful website over the web to learn Math, Science, Computer Programming, Arts, Biology and many more. Video tutorials have been created by highly qualified people, are available for free and forever. Khan academy has been counted among the best websites ever existed.

Pop Corn Maker

Make your video interactive by adding elements like Maps, Links, Tweets, Pop-up information, drag and drop your content from web and images. Mozilla provides hosting for videos, so you do not need to worry about your system space.


Get answers of your entire question instantly. It is a new way to get knowledge and answers. Wolframalpha uses dynamic computations based on vast collection of built-in data, Algorithms and methods.

Digital Inspiration

Best technology and How-To guide blog about software, consumer gadgets and web apps. Amit Agrawal (An award winning blogger) solely drives it since 2004 that is an inspiration to millions of people in blogging all around the world.

Code Academy

We know the significance of programming in today’s world if you want to make significant impact on society , knowing how to code will make that easier for you apart from that you will definitely make big bucks in computer industry. Code academy is the best online resource to learn programming in simplest way and free.  They called themselves an education company whose slogan is “teach the world how to code“. Team is committed to make this website the best place to learn, teach and create the online learning experience of the future.


A web application, which gives all information about chemical elements of periodic table in more interactive and dynamic way.

Polish My Writing

Check your written articles for spelling or grammar errors and get suggestion on styling the article. It is available as WordPress plugin as well goes by name called After the Deadline.


Its question and answer website, get the best answers for your questions or you can also give answers to other people questions. Answers have been given useful website, sometimes by Company’s CEO as well.


Mathway helps you to solve any kind of math problem. Its already #1 website to resolve math problems for teachers, Student and Parents. Their long-term goal is to provide step by step solution to any math problem.

What Should I Read Next

Its kind of book search engine, you need to enter the book you like or you have read based on that this website will suggest books belongs to same genre.

Urban Dictionary

Increase your knowledge to know meaning of slang or unofficial words.


Reading the web speedily , one word at a time.


It’s a collection of manuals (more than 1600021 PDF’s) of different brand products . Just enter the search key word what you are looking for and get the manual. You can read online or download PDF for free. Also you can Share with your friends as well on social media.


Graphically well designed “to-do” app to keep track of daily activities.

Drum Lessons

If you want to start learn drums or become in expert as well then you should check out video tutorials of drum lessons.

Piano Practice

Download free piano lessons in PDF of 266 pages  . This e-book also teaches, how to tune piano.


Github provides open source platform to develop software in collaboration. You can share your project with other people and get their feedback, code review and comments or you can work on repositories which are already present on Github.


My Supermarket

My Supermarket helps you to find best lowest prices for groceries and household activities from major online retailers all in one place.

Think Geek

It is an online shopping website, which create unique and authenticate product that will definitely empower the geek inside you.  Check out the cool stuffs!!


Retailmenot will save your money by providing coupons and promos codes for thousands of retailers and brands. Currently it provides more that 600000 coupons and offers for 70000 retailers. It’s world largest marketplace for digital offers.


Shop anything and saves tons of money. Fat Wallet provides the best prices for any product by searching all over the web. If you shop through Fat Wallet they will give, you commission of their share and they call it Cash Back.

Camel Camel Camel

A website to track Amazon product prices . It gives you prices drop alert, you need to set price threshold at or below which alert is generated for product and  it will give an alert in an email . You can also see prices history chart for any product sold by Amazon.

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Filter item

Find out the products at Amazon which qualifies for free shipping.

Via Box

For shoppers outside US are unable to take region specific deals and offer , that’s why Via box provides you a permanent US address where you can get your parcel delivered to US address ,then via box collects parcels and ships to your country.

Cloud Services

One Drive  

It’s an alternative to Google Drive, stores your files in onedrive and access them from anywhere in the world. It also provides 15 GB of free space and for more space; you need to opt for other plans.


Dropbox provides a service to save your documents and access them from anywhere else in the world using computers , phone and tablets. You can edit docs, add photos and show off videos. Drop box also provides collaborative environment it means you can share files and make available for specific set of people so that you all can work together on those files. It secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification.

Google Docs

Google Docs is really most useful website to create, edit, share, publish and collaborate on word documents, spread sheet or Presentations. You can access doc from anywhere or edit docs while you are offline and its free.


It is a privacy company, which cloud storage in more secure way. Data will be stored in encrypted way and decrypted during transfers from your client devices. Provides 50 GB of free space secure global access and secure collaboration.

Google Drive

Google drive provides 15 GB of storage where you can store all documents , photos , videos – anything. All files you can access from any corner of world and invite people to work on files together without sending files to them.


If you are facing difficulty in managing your files over several cloud accounts then this website can help you out. Otixo helps you to manage all cloud accounts in single login. It supports Drop box, Box, Google Docs , Sugar Sync, Picasa ,Amazon S3 , Ftp Sites webdav drives .

It allows you to transfer files from one account to another, launch files and folders directly from Otixo in your favorite cloud service and share docs and images with your friends.

There is one great features called Spaces, which helps you to share docs with different people  in common space where all can work together. You can grant them permission like read/write on document. This is powerful features if you need to collaborate with team members.


Save files directly(without downloading to your computer ) to drop box, google drive, sky drive etc.

Online Tools


Visme is powerful online tool to create interactive infographics and presentations without any hassle. Visme provides hundreds of infographic and presentation templates which helps you to focus on your content creation rather than spending endless hours in creating visual graphics  or hiring an expert to do so. Visme is useful tool for bloggers who wants to share engaging infographics, for Students/Educators/Business Marketers to prepare awesome presentations for their target audience. Visme basic plan is free for all users but if you want to use visme’s all functionality you can opt for premium plan which is $7/month.

Office online is a simple way to create Word Documents , Excel Sheet , PowerPoint Presentations online for free with the option to choose different pre-designed templates which will help you to create documents more faster. All documents will be saved in One Drive, which can be shared with others so that it becomes easy to work together.


It’s another free web based tool which helps you create UML, flowcharts , UML diagrams , Network diagrams etc . In free service, there is limitation of diagrams you create and storage space.

Jottis Malware  Scan  

Jotti’s helps you to scan suspicions file with the help of several antivirus programs. This service is free of cost but with certain limitations like you can scan up to only 25MB of file.

Note : If you do not want your file to be shared with different antivirus companies then don’t upload it on website . This website shares the uploaded with antivirus companies so the detection accuracy of their antivirus can be improved.

Capture Screen Shots

Online tool, which helps you to capture screenshot of any public webpage. Just with a click.

Isn’t it awesome !!! Enter the webpage URL in box and hit “Capture Screenshot” button and you are ready to download captured image in high resolution. There is limitation to take 10 screenshots per hour.  Already taken web pages screenshot are cached to reduce server load. It works with Mobile phone, ipad and eBook reader also.

Notes Writer

Want to take notes in browser itself while browsing other websites!!!. Open in another tab in browser and start making your notes in browser.


Worldle is a way to create word clouds with source text you provide. While generating word cloud it gives importance to those words, which appears more frequently in source text. You can customize your word cloud by different font, layout and colors schemes. Another great advantage is you can use created image however, you like.

Google Translate  

Translate words or phrases into your language. Google translate supports 90 languages as of now. You can even translate website, PDF or word document.

Typing Web

If you want to become skill at typing you should definitely take a look at Typing Web service. It is free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial for typist of all skill level. Typing web also provides official typing certifications. So what are you waiting for go and get certified in typing!!!.

Haiku Deck

Powerful presentation making software, which helps you to create presentation in more beautiful and simple way. Get started and create inspiring presentations.


Trello is an easy and flexible way to manage your project activities or any individual tasks.


Sumopaint is powerful online image editor. You can use this editor in browser with its tremendous editing functionality. You can save your edited images in hard drive or save it to cloud.


Send notes to anyone which will be self destruct after being read.

  1. Just create note and get a link.
  2. Send out the link of note to whom you want to read .
  3. After being read, the note will self destruct and you get notification if you have opted to  get notified.
PDF Escape

Edit PDF documents in your browser itself using pdfescapse. It provides other services like PDF form filler and form designer free.


Use special characters that are not present in your keyboard to paste in emails, tweet, forums or text documents.


Got frustrated in finding the local time of cities by converting time respective to time zone. Do not worry just use qlock  which shows local time of any city in Google Maps by hovering the mouse over city.  

Free online diagram software, which lets you create UML, network diagrams, flowcharts or process diagrams.

Minutes .To

A web based app which helps you to capture the notes while meeting in an easy way and share them right away.  You can directly use this app in browser and don’t need to be connected to internet to take notes and its free to use.  Once you have taken notes it can be send to attendees when you are connected to internet.

This is an another great product by Amit Agrawal , this website will help you to write documents by dictating the content without touching keyword in browser itself.  This app uses built-in Google chrome speech recognition engine that converts your voice into digital text.  Just plug-in the microphone and click start dictating. You can speak in your native language, as chrome engine can understand many languages.

Note : Hindi and other Indian languages are not supported at this time.

Draw your ideas in browser. during brainstorming session so that you should not miss single tiny point . You can export your work as image and later share via providing link to people.

Auto Desk Homestyler

It is online software which helps you to  design for the home of your dreams in 3D. You can take ideas before starting, by browsing through design gallery. It helps you to layout floor plans to all the finishing touches like doors, windows or colors etc.

Should I Remove It

It is a powerful tool which helps you to find which software you should remove from your computer in order to improve performance of your computer. It removes all kinds of adware, spyware, toolbars, bundled unwanted applications as well as many forms of malware.

The Programs scans your computer and ranks what should be removed based on opinions of large amount of crow as well as their technical experts to determine what should not be installed.


Spreeder is designed to increase your reading speed and comprehension. It s free web based application powered by 7-Speed- Reading.


It is a modern way to create paintings (With lots of brushes options) as well as its works as image editing tool in your browser itself . No need to download any additional plug-in’s . It also saves your images locally in browser so when you use kleki after some time you can start immediately continue your work on paintings.

Pixel of Ink

Pixel of ink lets kindle users to download free or have discount kindle books.

The Rasterbator

Make large poster out of any image using The Rasterbator . It enlarges the images to multiple pages . Later on print and combine them into huge posters.

Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is an online image editor comes with others features like Collage maker and graphic design features. These additional features bring up your image creativity and style.

Adobe Color

Lean how to generate new colors and become an expert in color mixing . You can also extract colors from image using adobe color.

Highlight text on WebPages with the help of mouse. Just install extension or bookmarklet in your browser , run it by clicking on icon  ad start highlighting. Highlighted WebPages you can share with special link to other people.

Think Link

Think link helps you to create engaging media content to publishers , educators , advertisers and bloggers . It helps you add rich media links to photos and videos.


It is a web based tool which helps to improve your touch typing . Touch typing is a practice in which you don’t need to see for keys on keyboard and person who posses those skills will know the location of every character on key board  and make you really fast in typing .

Food / Restaurants / Recipes / Places

Four Square

Find out cool local places around you, four squares determines what you like and give you best places information.


Largest online guide to bars and restaurants spread across 22 countries. You can see restaurant complete info, food reviews, Menus, images and many more info.

Urban Spoon

It’s a leading  local bar and restaurant guide which collects review from bloggers , food critics and diners  throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Recipe Puppy

Recipe Puppy is a recipe search engine, helps you to find recipes you can make with available ingredients. You enter ingredients, which you have in search bar, and it will give you recipes that can be prepared with those ingredients.


Yelp helps you to find out anything around you from automotive to surgeon. Yelp also provided reviews of every places that is really helpful to determine whether the places you looking for is worth or not.

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Road Trippers

Road Trippers helps you to plan road trip using powerful route features online including instant fuel cost estimations, provide places to visit or helps you in booking also. It has contain information about 100000 + amazing places .


Watch out for your daily calorie intake using calorie king. It tells you all nutrition facts about any food and helps you maintain your diet so that you can lose , maintain or gain weight according to your need.

Two Foods

It is a web-based tool to compare nutritional data of two foods so that you will find out which food suits you better.

Pint In The Sun

Find a pub near you that would be sunny in the evening, it means that not overshadowed by adjacent building.

Eat this much

Prepare your meal plans that meets your diet goals and customize according to your preferences like food , budget and schedule. Once in a week, they will send you grocery list with everything you need to maintain the diet proper.

Couch Surfing

If you are a traveler and tired of staying at hotels every time you visit new city, then check out this website, it helps you to connect with people all around the world in every country and they will let you stay with them in their home or in the same way  you can share your home with travelers when other travelers visit your city .

Avoid Humans

This website will help you to find places nearby your location which is public but not much crowded . This web based app will gives you information in four ways like Night Life , Food , Coffee and refuge and each location is color coded to indicate current number of human presence.



Listen live radio streaming related to public safety, aircraft, rail and marine related communication. It is a spin of Radiorefernce live audio platform.


Gives you list of eBooks which you can read for free using Kindle reading apps. You can sort out books according to your areas of interest like classic, fiction or science etc .

Youtube  Trends

Find out the videos, which have been trending on YouTube since long time.


Create videos in browser itself by adding photos, videos, text and music. You can create unlimited free up to 20 minutes long. Stupeflix also provides 16 beautiful themes, which can give a unique touch to your videos.

My 80’s TV

Watch your favorites 80’s shows.

Zero Dollar Movies

Zero Dollar movies listed full-length movies that are available on You Tube free. It has collection of 15000 movies and movies are arranged according to their year of release, but you can filter out by using instant search functionality of website.


Mixlr is a simple way to share, listen and broadcast live audio. You can create your audio content and broadcast it with the help of mixlr in just one click as well as you can simultaneously chat with broadcaster and other listeners live.  You can share your live broadcast to social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter etc. This would be really helpful for people who have passion to become Radio Jockey , or like to interact with People daily. There are different pricing plans but there is free plan also in broadcast will be up for one hour as often as you like.


Upload gif with three unique features:

Speed – average is 8 times faster

Size: You can upload gif of any sizes.

Nifty features: You can play gif in reverse mode, slow , speed up or pause and analyze frame by frame.

Gif Print

Print your animated gif images into Flip book.


Midomi is music search engine , you can instantly find your favorite song by singing in your voice or humming or whistling. It will also connect to  music communities which shares the same interest.


Make interactive comic books using strip creator.

Can I stream it

It is an easy way to search across the most popular streaming, rental and purchase services to find where movie is available . If movie is not available then set a reminder they will shoot you an email as soon as it becomes available on any services.


Note flight is an application which lets you edit, display and play back music notation in web browser as well as you can publish or  share musical documents.

A Good Movie to Watch

It is an easy way to find out movies which are highly rated but did not come to lime light and surely you love them. That’s why their logo is “Highly Rated little known “.

You Tube – TV Mode

Watch You tube videos in TV mode.

SEO / Webmaster / Website Optimization

Built With

Built with gives you website information in depth in terms of usage of Widgets, Analytic, Frameworks, Content management system, advertisers, content delivery networks, web standards, web servers and e-commerce data. In short, you can track what tools your competitors are using through a website profiler. This web site also provides weekly trends in internet web technology usage and e-commerce sales trends.


Woorank will give you detail analysis of your website and tell you all factors/Parameters which needs to be improved in order to drive traffic to your website. This web based software generated review helping businesses and online marketers to achieve higher search engine rankings, keep track f their competitors and  convert visitors into customers.


Improve your performance of website with the help GTMetrix. It determines performance of your website on several factors using Google Page Speed and Yahoo! Y Slow and provide suggestion to fix these issues.

File Conversion  / File Compression / File Sharing


It is file conversion web application, which converts large range of different images, music, document, video and compressed formats. is real-time file publishing and sharing service. With, you can share any type of materials like document, music, video and photos. You can track how many people have downloaded your shared materials. It is purely browser based and no need of additional software. You can send shared files on an email directly from website.


It is an easy way to extract text from scanned PDF, faxes and images (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF) and convert into editable word, excel or text output formats to save you from retyping. Onlineocr is free service in Guest Mode and allows you to convert 15 images per hour, however if you do registration then you will get several options.

We Transfer

Send files up to 2GB per transfer to anywhere in the world.  Its online file sharing platform based in Amsterdam . WeTransfer  is safe , secure and absolutely free of cost service.

Last to my readers

I want to you do one thing …..

I want you to leave a comment with an answer of this question :

Which websites you found useful and why ?

And let me know the websites which are useful and I did not add in the list .

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Neeraj Kaple is a software engineer based in Mumbai. He writes about softwares, blogging tools, internet marketing and how-to guides. He is the founder of

17 thoughts on “Best Websites : List of 170+ Useful Websites On Internet”

  1. Congrats Neeraj on compiling such a great resource – and thanks for your vote of confidence in (#100). We’re upgrading and building some fabulous new educational resources that will be sure to excite the health and diet-conscious when released later this year. Keep up your good work. Best wishes.

  2. Could you also categorize your list, such as software, technology, education, arts, science, biology, physics, etc. Do this by taking each item and figuring out what categories you need to list it in. This would greatly help those who come to your site, and also will tell you what is missing in your list. These will be in addition to your master list.

  3. Great list and thanks for sharing! There’s so many helpful sites, interesting sites, educational sites and fun sites and I can’t wait to explore them! I’m just wondering if these are geared more toward desktop/laptop use or for all devices? Thanks again.

  4. Guys, thanks for a relly huge list of tools. I bookmarked some of them.

    As for the idea #1 – BuiltWith seems to be a little bit outdated. and Datanize both provide much cleaner data and Allora is twice cheaper.

    You should also add SimilarWeb to this list – it provides a full traffic statistics for any website – we use it all the time, it really gives us a lot of useful information.

  5. Thank you Neeraj for your quality article.I know you have spend many time for research .I got a good website from your list that is Downforeveryoneorjustme.

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