5 Things You Should Immediately Do To Improve WordPress Site Performance by 61%

Improve wordpress site performance

WordPress is best CMS but if you don’t perform certain task like regular maintenance of website or don’t use correct themes as per your website subject then your website will get slow down and nobody likes slow websites. Website speed is an important factor from user’s perspective. So webmasters needs to improve WordPress site performance to make sure that site loads at faster rate in Mobile as well as desktop.

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13 Must WordPress Plugins For Beginners

wordpress plugins for beginners

Plugins are additional software which actually makes WordPress a powerful blogging platform. Complex and mostly any kind of tasks can be achieved easily with the use of plugins. WordPress plugin directory is full of plugins, if you are expert in WordPress you might know which plugin to use or which not but for beginner it might be difficult to identify which plugins are essentials or which plugins to start with . Let’s find out which are important WordPress plugins for beginners.

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What Should I Do after installing WordPress ?

after installing wordpress

WordPress is a popular blogging platform due to ease of usability and rich in features. Installing WordPress is not a big task but what to do after installing WordPress ?  Should I go ahead and use default settings for my website? If you want to optimize performance and make your website secure you have to tweak WordPress settings I will show you what you should do after installing WordPress. Let’s get Started.

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How to Easily Add Google Analytics to WordPress Blog

add google analytics

Google Analytics is free service provided by Google, it gives detail statistics on how visitors are interacting with your website. Knowing your audience better helps you optimize your site content ,appearance, topics in which they interested in  and no doubt boost in traffic also. There are several feature of Google Analytics but I am going to point out some important feature here such as :

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