14 Best Gmail Extensions You Should Use With Chrome

Best Gmail Extensions

Google blessed us with many services but the one which has been transforming communication since 2004 is Gmail. Gmail left all other email services behind in terms of graphical interface, tons of inbuilt functionality, storage space and connectivity to cloud. Gmail already has wide range of awesome features which gives user better mailing experience. In spite of that Google is continuously trying us to give better services by developing extensions.

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How to Embed Google Maps into WordPress Blog

Embed Google Maps 7

Google Maps  is ultimate mapping service provided by Google . It gives you satellite Images, street maps of locations and helps you to plan route to your destination if you are travelling by foot, car or with public transportation . Even you can embed Google maps in your website to give more clearer view of location to your visitors so that they would not have to face any problem in finding you !!!! Adding Google maps to website could be really useful if you are running a website like Zomato .Today we will see how to embed Google Maps to your WordPress  site .

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