A Complete Guide to Setup FeedBurner With WordPress Blog

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FeedBurner is popular web service to manage RSS feeds with several functionality to optimize and publicize . This guide will help you to set up FeedBurner with WordPress blog, before we dig into FeedBurner lets take a look at RSS .

What is RSS ?

Whenever you want to check updates on your favorite websites, you have to visit websites manually. Suppose if you are web geek and spend most of the time over internet in checking updates on several websites, it would be cumbersome. Here RSS comes into picture which helps you get updates from your favorite websites at single place.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication commonly known as RSS feed or news feed, it helps publishers to syndicate data automatically so that people who subscribed to your RSS feeds get your site updates in their feed reader. The most easiest way to retrieve latest blog posts by subscribing RSS using feed reader. It also eliminates the need of providing your email id to get websites news letters or updates in mail.

An RSS document is actually XML plain text with full content information and Meta data like publishing date, author name etc. If you have subscribed RSS feeds of one or more websites, all updates from different websites come directly into your feed reader.

Once you subscribe website RSS feed, it removes the need to manually check the website for latest content.

Note: Feed Reader is software which provides user friendly interface to read RSS feeds from different websites. It checks for user’s subscribed feeds regularly for new information and can download it if that function is enabled. There are several Feed reader’s are available such as RSS Reader, Feed Reader, Aggregator, Google Reader, Feedly, Bloglines. In order to subscribe feeds, either you can enter feed URL in feed reader or just click on RSS feed icon on websites.

What is FeedBurner ?

Word Press Blog comes with RSS feed, which can be subscribed by user’s and read easily in any feed reader. But you will not know how many people subscribed to your blog, how to reach out those people.

Here FeedBurner comes into picture, it is free service provided by Google to help bloggers in managing their RSS feeds and get track of their subscribers. FeedBurner has many features which you usually don’t get in other feed management plug-in or services.

FeedBurner provides following key features:-

Subscribers Count : It gives count of people who subscribed to your blog feed which helps you to optimize your blog content and SEO so that blog drives more traffic and increase subscribers count.

Device Optimization: It will optimize feeds for different devices like desktop, mobile or any reader.

Subscription Option: Apart from feed reader subscription option it provides email subscription option to users. Once you subscribe for this option any updates on your websites get directly emailed in user’s inbox.

Social Hub: FeedBurner publicize your feeds automatically on social web like twitter and also notify updates to different web based feed reading services.

Steps to Setup FeedBurner with WordPress Blog

1. Visit FeedBurner and log in using Google Account. If you don’t have one Create Here.

2. Find out your WordPress blog Feed URL, If you are using Post Name or Custom Permalinks  your blog  feed URL usually look like this http://yourwebsitename.com/feed

3. Type your blog feed URL  in “Burn Feed right this instant” box and Click on Next. For example my blog feed URL is http://techmazic.com/feed                                                                                               Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  1

4. It might be possible that FeedBurner discovers more than one  feed source at given blog feed address . Select first one to use as source  address.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  2

5. Type in your Feed Address, at this feed burner address you will find your feed .It is better to  type your domain name   in feed  address or else your wish.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  3

6. You will see congrats screen with your feed address (URL) which looks something like this http://feeds.burner.com/techmazic which   you can share with other to let them subscribe your feed.

Click on Next

7.  On Feed burner stats configuration page check  “click through and “I want more” option and then Click on Next.

8. You will see feed management dashboard so Let’s optimize your feeds with FeedBurner features.

Click on Optimize tab and make sure you activate following services Browser friendly, Smart Feed and Feed Flare . Rest services you can activate if you want to but these three are recommended.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  4

Browser Friendly: Make it easy for potential subscribers to preview and subscribe to your text feed. Applies clean visual formatting to the eyesore of raw feed XML for much improved readability in all modern web browsers.

Smart Feed:  Reach the widest possible audience while publishing a single feed on your blog or site. Translates your feed on-the-fly into a format (RSS or Atom) compatible with your visitor’s feed reader application.

Feed Flare: Give your subscribers easy ways to email, tag, share, and act on the content you publish. Feed Flare places a simple footer at the bottom of each content item, helping you to distribute, inform and create a community around your content.

9.  Now it’s turn to publicize your blog feeds, Click on Publicize tab . Activate the following services like Email subscription, Ping Shot and socialize option.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  5

Email Subscription: Offers another way of subscription for your readers. Once user subscribed for email, whenever new content get posted, an email will be sent to all subscribed users.

Ping Shot: Notify all web based feed reading services whenever new content get posted on your blog.

Socialize: Connect your feed to the real-time social web! With Socialize, Feed Burner will automatically post updates from your feed to your social media account. Currently it supports only Twitter. It allows several customization while posting feeds to Twitter. You  can also post feeds to Facebook account , just connect your Facebook account with twitter account .

Note :- In order to connect Facebook with twitter

LogIn Twitter account -> Settings-> Profile

Scroll down to page you will see option to add Facebook account

You can also activate Feed count and Buzz Boost services.

Add Feed Burner Feed to your blog

Step 1: Log In to Your Feed burner account and go to feed management dashboard then Click on Publicize ->Chicklet Chooser. and Copy the below HTML code.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  6

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  7

Step 2 : Log In To your WordPress admin panel and go to  Appearance -> Widgets . Add Text widget to any of your side bar, by dragging text widget into sidebar.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  8

Step 3 : After dragging Text Widget into side bar it will open automatically so Paste the HTML code in Text widget and then save and close.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  9

Step 4 :  Open your blog home page to check whether you can see  standard RSS  Subscribe Icon

Add FeedBurner Email Subscription to Your Blog

Step 1 :  Log In to Your Feed burner account and go to feed management dashboard then Click on Publicize ->Email Subscription.

Activate the service first. After activating you will get this screen. Copy the below HTML code

Step 2 : Log In to your WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance -> Widgets. Add Text widget to any of your side bar, by dragging text Widget into sidebar. Same as you did in “Add FeedBurner to your Blog” section

Step 3 : After dragging text widget into side bar it will open automatically so Paste the HTML code in Text widget and then save and close.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  10

Step  4 :  Open your blog home page to check whether you are able to see Email Subscription option.

Another way To add FeedBurner Email Subscription option to your blog you can download Feed Burner Email subscription plug-in.

Download FeedBurner Email Subscription Plug-In

1. After installing just go to Appearance -> Widget

2. Add FeedBurner Email Subscription widget to any of your sidebar or footer area

3. After adding it will open automatically, Enter Feed Burner Title only and save it.

Setup FeedBurner with wordpress  11

Enjoy FeedBurner Services !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Neeraj Kaple is a software engineer based in Mumbai. He writes about softwares, blogging tools, internet marketing and how-to guides. He is the founder of Techmazic.com.

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