How to Embed Google Maps into WordPress Blog

Embed Google Maps 7

Google Maps  is ultimate mapping service provided by Google . It gives you satellite Images, street maps of locations and helps you to plan route to your destination if you are travelling by foot, car or with public transportation . Even you can embed Google maps in your website to give more clearer view of location to your visitors so that they would not have to face any problem in finding you !!!! Adding Google maps to website could be really useful if you are running a website like Zomato .Today we will see how to embed Google Maps to your WordPress  site .

There are two methods to do it , first is to get code of your location from Google Maps and paste it in your post/ page  of website , this method is handy if you want to embed Google maps only once   in your website . Let’s get started

Steps to Embed Google Maps

1. Go to Google Maps

2. Type in Location which you want to display

Embed Google Maps

3. Click on “Gear Icon” and then click on “Share and Embed Map “ option.

Embed Google Maps 2

4. Click on “Embed Map” Tab and copy the code inside box highlighted in screenshot .

Embed Google Maps 3

5. Paste this code into your post/ page in which you want to display Google maps . This piece of code is written in HTML ,make sure you paste this code in “Text” tab of post/page in WordPress editor.

Embed Google Maps 4



But if you are running website which give info about various hotels , real-estate properties you might need to include Google maps in every post or page then you should go for second method that is use of plug-in . There are several plug-in out there to embed Google maps like Embed Google Map , WP Google Map.

If you don’t know How to install Plugin in WordPress Click Here

Steps to Embed Google Maps Using Embed Google Map Plugin

1. Install Embed Google Map Plugin.

2. Go to Setting->Embed Google Map

Here you can change the width and height , Version of Google map you want to display , Map type and zoom level . There are several other options which you can change to customize maps.

Embed Google Maps 6

3. Go to post /page in which you want to embed Google Maps and paste this below code in “Text” tab of editor.

Embed Google Map 8

In place of “address” you should give actual address of location which you want to display in map.  For example, I have given Mumbai,India. See in below screenshot.

Embed Google Maps 5

This plugins helps you to embed as many Google maps in posts/pages.

This is the map i have attached  of Mumbai , India .

Share if you have any other methods to embed Google Maps in website !!!!

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