How to Get Free Images Using Google Advanced Search

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If you want to increase visual appearance of your website you have to include images in it. As the saying “Better the appearance, better the traffic “. People are more interested in reading the article if they see a catchy or content specific image associated to article.  Images also helps search engine to get better understanding of page.

There are several image search engines which retrieve photos from Flickr or public domain, but wouldn’t it be easy if you can retrieve images which come under creative common license using Google.

Google advanced search helps to find out images which are free to share, modify or use commercially.

Steps to Get Free Images Using Google advanced search

1.  Search for your term in Google and then click on Images

Get Free Images Using Google Advanced Search 1

2.  Click on Gear Icon and then select Advanced Search option

Get Free Images Using Google 21

3.  Scroll Down and look for Usage Right Drop down box. Select “free        to use or share even commercially ” option or  you can select  “free        to use ,share or modify even commercially “option also and then              click on Advanced Search button.

Get Free Images Using Google Advanced Search 2

4.  Google search will provide tons of images

Get Free Images Using Google Advanced Search 3

Note(Highly recommended): Just to be on safer side, check every time license associated with image before using it .

To check license

Click on any image appears in search result and then click on Visit Page.

Get Free Images Using Google Advanced Search 4

In most of the cases, after clicking on Visit Page, you will be redirected to page where image license link or license details are mentioned. However, in case if you do not get image license details or link, click on image again on that page.

For example when I click on Visit Page, I was redirected to this below Wikipedia page where I did not see any license link or details. So I clicked on image again.

Get Free Images Using Google Advanced Search 6

And I redirected to new page where image licensed details mentioned.

Get Free Images Using Google Advanced Search 7

Enjoy !! and Let us know more sources of getting free images.

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