How to Install Free Extension or App from Google Chrome Web Store

install free extension

Extension is software programs written in Web technology, languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. By adding them, you can increase the functionality of your browser. Google Chrome has a wide range of free extensions and apps to increase functionality in the browser and make it powerful to perform day to day tasks quickly.

Install free extensions or apps in chrome is a piece of cake. Google Chrome provides one-click installation of the Extensions or Apps. The Chrome web store hosted both paid and free extensions and apps.

Follow Below Steps to Install Free Extension or App

Step 1 -Go to Chrome Web Store

Search for the Extension or app you want to install. Click on it.

For example, I am using Save to Google Drive Extension

You will get a screen similar to this one.

Install free extension Image 1

Step 2- Click on “ Free”. A pop-up comes up to confirm your installation request. Click on “Add”.

Install free extension Image 2

It’s done, enjoy vast free google chrome extension library!!!!
Photo credit: Marco Bellucci via photopin cc

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