How to Publish Posts Into WordPress Pages

Publish Posts

In WordPress , when we publish posts , they  will display on home page of website as well as in categories which you have assigned to post. But what if someone wants to publish posts in pages also.

Lets take an example , suppose I have two pages in top menu bar e .g Home and Blogging articles and has three categories Blogging , Recent Articles , SEO. If I publish a post and put that post in Blogging category  , it will display only on home page as well as in Blogging category page , since this post is related to blogging , I want this post to be published  in Blogging articles page also.

Let’s Start to Publish Posts in Pages

We can do this by redirecting the user from Blogging articles page to blogging category page . Page to links plugin will do it for you .This plugin helps to redirect WordPress page or post to URL of your choice. It will be useful for non-wordpress section of your website such as  you created a custom menu and want to link with categories pages , post etc within your site .

After installation of plugin , log in to your wp-admin and open page from  which you want to redirect users to a URL of your choice.

Go to bottom of page ,you will see following section :

Publish Posts Page links to image

Check “A custom url “ option , and Enter the URL  to which you want to redirect and save the changes. Hurray , Its done !!!
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