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Today blogging is the popular way to share information ,but people usually wonder “How to Start Blogging? “. Blogging is actually more of learning and sharing information and  as long as you keep this passion , blogging become more interesting and fun.

WordPress is the best way to start blog , because you don’t have to deal with code to set up website all you have to is focus on content of articles of your blog.

I’ll tell you step by step how you can set up your own blog in less than 15 minutes and by the end of this post , you will have your own self-hosted WordPress blog . Are you ready ?

Step 1 : Choose a Blog Hosting Company

To Start Blogging , you need space from where you can run your blog. Hosting a website means buying  server space for your site so that others can find you on internet. Although you can start your blog with free hosting services like Blogger but if you can spend little bit amount of money , you should get a self-hosting.

There are several hosting companies in market , I suggest few of them which are reliable : Bluehost ,HostGator, Dreamhost . All of them are quite good hosting company .  I am using HostGator in this tutorial.

Go to


Click on “View web hosting plans”

Step 2 : Choose Hosting Plans 

There are three hosting plans available, if you have only one site then Hatchling plan is enough.But down the road , if you want to start new websites and require separate domain for each website then you should go with Baby plan . Although you can upgrade to Baby or Business plan anytime.

Select the payment option from drop down menu under the plan of your choice  , longer period of time results in lower monthly price . How this payment options work ? Let’s take an example to understand.

Example : If you choose a payment option 1 year -$5.56/month , then you will have to pay 67$  at once . If you choose a payment option monthly-$7, then you have to pay only $7 at once (Domain registration and domain privacy fees are applicable in both).

HostGator will give you 20% discount coupon, but by using this coupon you can get 30% off .

Coupon code : RMN30 . Remember you will get discount only if this is your first time payment for particular plan . Suppose if you are paying for 1 year plan and cost is $80  so you will get 30% off on $80

But if you are paying monthly and cost is $7 so you will get 30% off on $7 , from next month you have to pay full monthly fess(No discount)  .


Click on order now.


Step 3: Choose a Domain Name to Start Blogging

If you are starting new website and do not have any domain  name , you can select “Register a new domain “ . Type a domain name without any extension such as .com , .org, .net etc , you can select those extension from drop down box. HostGator will show you whether this domain available or not. If not you will have to type another domain name .

If domain is available you will get green light and it will cost you $12-$13 dollar but do not worry you will have to pay this fees once a year ,not every month. You can opt the same domain with different extension from the list provided by HostGator with extra fees.


Step 4 : Enter Account Information

Confirm your Package Type and Billing cycle. In billing cycle drop down, it will show you 20% off but do not worry ,coupon code  will override this 20% discount and will give you 30% off.


Enter the username and security pin for logging into your HostGator account.

Enter your billing information, you can pay either by Credit card or Paypal .


Step 5 : Hosting Addon

You must opt for “Domain privacy protection“ , it will protect your identity online and hides your personal contact and information. The cost is $9.95 /year and well worth it. You will see this option only when you earlier opt for  “Register a new domain” option. If you earlier opt for “I own this domain” option you will not get domain privacy protection”.

Choosing rest of the add on option depends upon your needs , although  you can go ahead without them .


Step 6 : Enter Coupon Code  and Check Total Amount

Enter the coupon code : RMN30 and get 30% off on your first time payment.

Remember you will not get  any discount on Hosting addon and Domain registration through coupon code ,  it might be possible HostGator will give you discount on these separately .


If you satisfy with everything click on  CREATE ACCOUNT.

Step 7:  Login to Your cPanel.

You will get an email from Hostgator with a link to your cPanel .Link would look like this

Example : .

Click on the link in your mail  and enter your username and password.



Step 8 : Install WordPress

After login to your cPanel , next step to install wordpress ,HostGator provides on-click installation for wordpress. I’ll walk you through the process.

At home page of your cPanel ,Click on  “Get started with wordpress today” in Special Offers section .


Click on continue, on your next page


In Install wordpress section , type the domain name through which you want others to access your blog in browser and wordpress should install in your root directory(recommended), you can do this by just leave the field blank next to your domain .


Enable Auto Upgrades: I usually prefer to do updates manually, but if you do not want to do manually you can go ahead and checked it.

Admin Email:  WordPress information will be sent to this mail .

Blog Title : Enter the title of your blog .

Admin User : Please do not leave this field blank empty or use “Admin” name as user which is most common name and hackers can easily use this to hack your wordpress account. Use any other name.

Enter your first name and last name .

After filling everything, click on “Install Now” . You will see screen saying successful installation with your username and password to login to your wordpress account , the same information you will get in email which you mentioned in previous screen. Your website will be up in 5-6 hours until DNS directory gets refreshed.

you can access wordpress admin panel by clicking on link which you got in mail.It would look like this:

Congratulations you have your own running blog  now !!!!!!!!!!!!!
















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