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Email is a popular way of communicationapart from text message you can send files, images as an attachment in an email . A Large percent of population is using handheld devices to  send emails, browse internet and often times want to post or share on their WordPress site, but posting in WordPress using  tablets, android phones and other handheld devices are tedious  .

Wouldn’t it be easier to post to your blog by just sending an email ? WordPress popularity with plugin helps you to post via email . There are several plugins which can do this job,  but  I found this task easier with Postie Plugin.

Note : WordPress inbuilt functionality Post via Email is deprecated , it will be removed in upcoming versions of WordPress and it does not provide SSL(Secure socket layer ) connections so it is better to use a plugin.

Post via Email Using Postie

Postie comes up with advanced features to post via email such as including pictures, videos and file attachments .Postie supports both IMAP and POP3 protocol to retrieve mails from mail servers with an SSL connection.

Let me give you an overview of IMAP and POP3 Protocols:

POP3(Post office Protocol) : It is a  popular email protocol , which retrieves emails from the server and creates a local copy of emails and deletes the original emails from the server, this way emails resides on particular machine and cannot be  accessed via webmail or any other email client .

IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol):It is an alternative to POP3 which allows any webmail interface or email clients to access emails from the mail server because this protocol does not delete emails from the mail server until the user deletes them. So either you access though mobile phone, webmail interface or any email client you will get same emails. Today when we can check mails from mobiles phones, tablets, email clients or webmail interfaces , IMAP comes out as strong protocol.

Download Postie .

Before using Postie , you should have a secret email address to which mails will be sent in order to post on the website. Whatever mails come to this email address becomes posts on your site so be careful and do not share it with anyone.

I will tell you how I created a new email address for my blog (My Hosting Company is Hostgator).

Step 1 :- Login to your cPanel and Click on Email Accounts icon

post via email image 6


Step 2 :- Fill up fields given below in screenshot and click on “create account”. An email account will be generated for example “”

post via email image 1

After successful creation of email account , configure Postie settings.

Postie Settings

1 . Login to WP-Admin -> Settings ->Postie

Post via email

Mail Protocol : – I am using POP3 protocol because I want emails should get deleted from mail server after posting them to blog. You can use IMAP also if you don’t want to delete mails from mail server after posting them to blog.

Use Transport layer security ( TLS) :- Set  this option to  “No”

Mail Server:- Enter the mail server name, you can get your server name by logging into your cPanel account, then look for Account Information or Statistics section and search server name label. For example , take a look at below screenshot .

post via email image 5

Mail User Id :- Enter your secret email address from which emails will be posted to blog .

Mail Password :- Enter the password of your email address .

2 . Click on User tab

post via email image21

Allow anyone to post via email :- Set this option to No (recommneded). If this option set to yes ,anyone can send an email to this address and will get posted to the site.

Authorized Address :– Put email addressess from which if email comes it will get posted on site .

There are additional tabs to configure settings for image, videos, audio and attachments to make your post via email more precise .

3. Click on save changes, then click on Test Config to check your connection with mail server set up properly or not .

post via email image 3

Finally Click on Run Postie (if you are using first time,  after that it will automatically pick up emails and post it on website ) to retrieve emails from your specified email address and post it on your website.

Photo credit: Micky.! via photopin cc

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