Remove ‘Category Archive : Name of Category’ Title From WordPress Site

Category Archive

In WordPress , we can easily filter posts based on categories assigned to them  but when you click on any category , it shows all posts inside that category with default title “category archive: name of your category”  which does not look good . I will tell you how you can customize it .

Step 1 : Go to Your Theme Editor

Navigation : Wp-admin-> Appereance ->Editor

Step 2: Click on Category .php in Right Side Template Section and  Search for this Code

Remove category archive image 1

After searching code shown in screenshot ,You  have to make changes in first parameter which is   ‘Category Archive :%s’.

You can do following changes:-

1 . If you replace  ‘Category Archive :%s’ by ‘%s’ , it will eliminate “Category archive” from title and will show you only category name in title .

For example , if you have Blogging  category and when you click on Blogging category , the page title would display like this  “category archive:Blogging” , but after doing above replacement it will show only “Blogging” in title.

2. You can replace ‘Category Archive :%s’ by some hard-coded name like ‘Blogging Arena’, then irrespective of your blogging category name , when you click on it the page title would be always ‘Blogging Arena’

I recommend you do first change , it would  be more logical to replace category archive title  by  category name as title.

Find code class=”archive-title” in category.php and remember the class value which is archive-title. We will use later it to change the font size of title .

 Step 3 : Change Font Size of Title

Open style sheet of your theme probably having name style.css , find (ctrl+f) class value “archive-title” you might get code like below . changing the value of font-size property will change the title size on page .

Remove category archive image 2

I have set this to 26 px , you can set it to 37px, 40px or anything you want.

Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!

Photo credit: teamstickergiant via photopin cc

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