How to Show Partial Posts in WordPress

partial posts

WordPress shows all your posts on home page in decreasing date order with full post content until we abbreviates all posts . Instead of showing full content , showing  partial content of posts makes your blog more appealing to visitors. Showing partial posts on home page , help visitors scroll through all your different  posts quickly . Partial Posts adds attractive appearance to blog.

When you have large number of posts in your blog ,HTML formatting of each post will be cumbersome and time consuming . In order to show partial posts ,WordPress provides free plugin Evermore make this task easier for you .Click here to download the plugin

Just install the plugin and activate it . Its done !!!

Evermore – Partial Posts Plugin Setting View

You can change the view of partial posts by navigating to:

Wp-admin->settings-> Evermore

wordpress partial posts plugin evermore

You can set the length of excerpt and control the number of paragraphs you want to display from post.

Note :

  • If you have already entered <!–more–> in your post , then this plug does nothing to it and existing <!–more –>will behave as usual.
  •  If want to disable this plugin for particular post just put                       <!–nevermore –> in the post. This will not show up in the post ,but it will prevent he post from being abbreviated by Evermore.

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