How to Submit Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tool

Internet is full of tons of websites. Getting a website helps you to interact with a large percentage of population whether you want to do marketing, share knowledge, expand business, sell products or anything. The website provides a platform to convert your ideas into reality.  Once you register a website sooner or later it will be found by search engines, but getting ranked high in search engines is not an easy task. You must be wondering, how can you improve your site ranking or making it search engine friendly?  Google webmaster tools help you to optimize your site for search engines.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

A Google webmaster tool is a free service provided by Google that helps you to monitor activities on your website. Registering your website at webmaster tools helps you to understand how google view your site. Webmaster tools allows you to submit  XML Sitemaps so that search engine can better understand the structure of your site by crawling through URL’s mentioned in XML Sitemap.

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Following are key points for which you get data using webmaster tools and help to make your website Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

  • Lists crawl errors, if Google is facing problem in crawling through your website.
  • Lists how many links submitted through your website and how many links get indexed by Google
  • List Queries caused your site to appear in search results
  • List queries which brings more traffic to your website
  • Performance of your site’s mobile version.

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Steps to submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools

Step 1 –  LogIn to Google Webmaster Tools account . You can use your gmail account to login since all google services accounts connected to gmail.

submit your website to google webmaster tool 4

Step 2 – Click on Add A Site  and enter website name , you’d like to manage.

submit your website to google webmaster tool 5

Step 3 – Google webmaster tools  will ask for verification of ownership of a website . Use recommended method .

submit your website to google webmaster tool 6

Sub-Steps to upload HTML verification file on server

  1. Download the HTML verification file, after that Login to your domain hosting cPanel account.
  2.  Click on File Manager  .

submit your website to google webmaster tool

3.   It will show a Pop-Up , select  Web Root(public_html/www) option and click enter.

submit your website to google webmaster tool 2

4.  Upload  your downloaded HTML file under public_html folder.

submit your website to google webmaster tool 3


Go back to your Google webmaster tools verification page and click on link mention in third step of verification page to confirm successful upload and then click on verify.

 Step 4 – Google Webmaster tools dashboard will appear, in the right side you will see Sitemap, click on it .

submit your website to google webmaster tool 9

Click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP and submit Sitemap of your website. Google webmaster tools will take some time to show statistics for your websites.

submit your website to google webmaster tool 8

Its done, Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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