Top 10 Tech Start Up Cities in the World 

tech start up cities

Technology has changed our lives completely and it’s booming day by day. In today’s world, Tech firms are playing an important role in economic growth and prosperity. Youth’s are passionate about learning new technologies and trying their hands to set up their own business in technology sector. There are many factors come up when you start your own business one of them is location, it is always matters so that you can reach out to more and more customers and establish yourself as a prominent leader. Now a day, Silicon Valley is not the only place where tech start ups are booming. So if you are also tired of doing 9 to 5 corporate jobs, want to start tech firm? Check out list of cities from where you can start your business journey.

Here are Top 10 Tech Start Up cities

  1. Silicon Valley

tech start up cities san fransisco

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Silicon Valley is the most popular region of San Francisco Bay area of California. It is renowned for the home of World largest Tech companies and thousands of start ups companies, not only in US but in whole world. It’s a hub of high paying jobs with average salary of $144,000 as well as region has considered as biggest High-Tech manufacturing sector in United States. Headquarters of Tech Giants like Google, Apple, Adobe, Cisco Systems, eBay, HP, Intel are situated.

  1. Bangalore

tech start up cities bangalore

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Bangalore is also known as “Silicon valley of India” because of the largest IT hub of India. IT sector of Bangalore contributes 33% of India’s IT export. Forbes magazine considered city as “The Next  Decade’s Fastest Growing City “. IT sector in Bangalore divided into three major region  Software Technology Parks of India (STPI); International Tech Park, Bangalore (ITPB); and Electronics City . And from many years it is considered as Top 10 entrepreneur Preferred  location. Technology Giants have opened their offices in the city like  Google, Microsoft, Sun Micro systems, Wipro, Infosys, TCS and much more.

  1. Tokyo

tech start up cities tokyo

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the leading High Tech cities in the world. From Techie gadgets, advanced electronics, next generation cell phones to high speed transportation, Tokyo has them all. It’s a home of major companies like Sony, Nikon and Panasonic etc. Tokyo has fastest internet connections with speed of 2GBPS at cheaper rate i.e. $50 /month. No doubt city has full of opportunities for start ups.

  1. Singapore

tech start up cities singapore

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One of biggest High Tech city and start up hub of Asia. Apart from enormous technology growth in Singapore, city is dominating in financial sector, Oil and refinery sector and casino gambling market. Multi-National companies  have their research centers in Singapore like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Fuji, and others. Entrepreneurs in Singapore are just educated as in Silicon Valley , New York city and building a team for them is biggest challenge . They also don’t depend upon venture capital, although they believe in self funding. World Class infrastructure of city helps you to get started with good pace.

  1. Toronto

tech start up cities toronto

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Toronto is the largest and innovative hub of tech firms in Canada. Toronto Census Metropolitan area (CMA) serves at least 40% technology business to country . IT industry is growing so rapidly and attracting high quality talent. Even world largest tech companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google have opened their offices in Toronto .It is also one of the biggest hub of mobile application companies of North America.

6.  New York

tech start up cities new york

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New York is world renowned financial hub but it’s actually a hub of everything. IT sector are expanding rapidly and creates tons of opportunity for techies. Approx 20-25% Female entrepreneurs are in technology sector. City is fully connected to Wi–Fi, fast downloading and browsing speed, technology jobs are easily available in the city and  even the government is keeping an eye on IT industry because technology companies largely contributes in countries economy. New York is full of facilities and one of the best places for starting your business in technology sector.

7.   Austin

tech start up cities austin

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It’s a capital of Texas and known as start up town in the US. It is emerged as center of technology and business. A number of fortune 500 companies have headquarters and regional offices in Austin including Apple, eBay, Google, IBM, Dell, Intel advanced micro devices. City is mixture of music, film, technology which attracts more and more people to Austin. As a hub of many tech companies Cost of living is relatively low as compared to silicon valley ,therefore entrepreneurs prefer Austin to get started with their business.

8.   Boston

tech start up cities boston

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One of the oldest city of US and the greater Boston Metro-Politian have the sixth largest economy in the country. It is renowned as education hub, Boston’s colleges and universities have a significant effect on the regional economy, attracts more and more students who later turn into entrepreneurs. High Tech companies have opened their offices in Boston and increasing day by day opportunities in IT sector attracts more and more entrepreneurs in Boston.

9.   Hong Kong

tech start up cities hong kong
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It is one of most high tech and costliest city in the world. Hong Kong has robots operated restaurants, multiple Wi-Fi zones; high internet speed with cheap rate provided by Hong Kong broad band network (HKBN).It is one of major financial hub in the world. This city has every facility, that’s why preferable choice of entrepreneur and techno friendly people who is making continuous effort to established them and contributes countries economy.

10.   Seattle

tech start up cities seattle

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One of the major cities in US, where a median tech wage is around $100000. Tech starts ups are doing well even Bill gates knocked off Microsoft from here with offices throughout the city, followed by one more major tech company Amazon. City is known for tech companies, coffee and gadget lovers. City provides all facilities to start up new business venture and established yourself as emerging leader.

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