What is XML Sitemap and How to generate it?

xml sitemap

Sitemaps are nothing but XML files which gives information about pages of your website so that search engines will discover it. It helps crawlers to crawl your website easily and get website pages indexed properly.

Webmasters should create and submit sitemaps to let search engines know about your site better . XML sitemap is collection of URL’s and You can include additional information about each URL like how often page changes, when was the last time site updated, how particular page in relation with other pages.

Submitting sitemap to search engines ensures search engines knows about your website and including URL‘s that might not discovered by normal crawling process.

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Following are few scenarios in which generating XML sitemap will be useful:

Rich Media Content:

You probably make your site dynamic for good visual experience using Rich Media content, but Googlebot does not crawl rich media content, in this case XML Sitemap can help Googlebot to crawl your website properly and collects relevant information.

Not Properly Linked:

Newly registered websites are difficult to get discovered by search engines because search engine discovers Web Pages by moving from one webpage to another using links mentioned in webpage, newly registered websites does not link properly with other Web Pages, which makes hard for Google to find your site. I have recently registered my website, in spite of being live since five days it was not coming in Google searches. I was wondering what was wrong with it but as soon as I generated XML sitemap, it started coming in Google search results. XML Sitemap helps Google to understand your website structure properly.

 Submission of XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools helps you to understand site traffic, crawling errors, how many pages got indexed, what content on your websites users are mostly reading and many more parameters. These data helps you optimize your site so that it ranks high in Search engine result page.

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Steps to generate XML Sitemap

1 – Download Google XML sitemap Plugin. After that Install Plugin and activate it .

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2 – Go to WP-Admin->Settings->XML sitemap

You will see the section with heading “The Sitemap was not generated yet”. Click on  “Click here” option highlighted in screenshot  to generate sitemap first time.

xml sitemap 3

After successful generation of sitemap you will get this screen and URL of your sitemap(pointed out by red arrow in screenshot).

xml sitemap

Open sitemap URL that look like http://example.com/sitemap.xml. You will get your sitemap. For example

xml sitemap 2

Its done Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!

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